I AM BRU at the Scottish Style Awards.

I have always considered myself as an art lover, but after my recent visit to the Turner Prize exhibition I realised I much prefer to my masterpieces up close and personal, like hanging in my wardrobe. Thanks to The Rodnik Band, I was transformed into real life Pop Art for the


The 12 blogger essentials you need every Fashion Week

No matter which part of the world you are attending, Fashion Week is the exhausting-slash-exhilarating extravaganza where fizz and popcorn are had, cheeks are kissed (twice) and designers get us revved up for the seasons to come. If anybody thinks it’s just a extended party, they have obviously never attended one

Topshop X BLOW

Everybody knows that finding the perfect outfit can be an all day affair. It’s sods law that every time you find something half decent it’s always the wrong colour or length. The search can lead you all corners of your favourite stores and sometimes the journey holds nothing but disappointment.


When one handbag just won’t do.

There must have been a memo distributed  this past Fashion Week about how to wear your handbag this season.  Turns out when it comes to bags, straps are getting shorter and layering isn’t just for your body, and it’s just in time too! Glasgow’s St. Enoch Centre is hosting ‘Handbags and