The past few days have been tasty ones. First of all lets talk about the next update from my One Month One Dress challenge. On Day 6, I found myself within the midst of a cheating scandal or Jumper Gate as I will now call it.

day 6

DAY 6: Jumper:  Primark (£6) | Pleather Jacket: H&M (aaages ago) | Necklace: Primark £5

I was going to meet the lovely Denise from Mandors to discuss potential world (Glasgow) takeover in one of our mutrally favourite sandwich haunts – Where the Monkey Sleeps. The first thing she asks me is WHERE’S THE DRESS?! A question which had been haunting me all morning, from work, to the walk up West Regent Street. I took the jumper off when the temperature was appropriate but my excuse is that the skirt is see through, so you could still tecnically see the dress, jumper on or not!

day 6 2

DAY 6: Dress: H&M (£29.99) | Skirt: Betty Swollocks Vintage | Shoes: Office (sale £20)

Last night (or Day 7) I was asked to attend The Hilton’s Mad Hatters Tea Party within their newly refurbished Ti suite. Joined by the delightful Ms Claire ‘Bee Waits’ Stuart we hauled ass up the steep Bath-Streets of Glasgow to get there just in time – when the Prosecco is flowing and the cake to sandwich ratio was 2:1.


DAY 7:  Dress H&M | Maxi Skirt: Topshop (£28) | Necklace: New Look (£7) | Shoes: Office (sale £20)

We had so much to dicuss! This wasnt your usual cluck fest, we had plenty on the itinerary of conversation but the main point being #wandressproblems…


Two Burds | Two Dresses | Wan Month

 The Hilton really pulled the rabbit oot the bag for their tea party. With great service, their very own Alice, Mad Hatter and Rabbit we settled down nicely for our beautifully presented Evening Tea with some freshly cut finger sandwiches (cucumber sandwiches included, always make you feel fancy even though your pretty much eating a water sandwich), Queen of Hearts strawberries dipped in scrummy chocolate (YUM!)  a selection of mini cakes including my favourite – coffee chocolate cake, scones, stawberry tarts and some (questionable) drink me potion. This was a cute add on but if I’m being honest, not for me…alcoholic? Non Alcoholic? Who knows…


My favourite part of the Tea Party was of course – the tea. The lovely waitresses approached us with a wonderful book FULL of different loose leaf teas. With miss Bee going for the safe English Breakfast I pushed the boat out with a Rooibos, Orange and Cinnamen bad boy. With your book of tea you were given a three-way timer which told you when to stop the brewing. Being very easily entertained, there was a delightful touch, as you could imagine, it took a lot for Betty not to swipe this like an unusual pint glass…for the wife of course…


The High Tea for Two costs £17 and there are many different themes to choose from. Definitely  a lovely Mother’s day treat in a comfy setting.

Back onto One Month One Dress I am only £112 away from my £400 target! Thank you to everyone who has donated already for the charity SANE but we need to keep on going! You can donate via my justgiving page or text BETY90 £X to 70070 if you think online is a bit too footery. Every little helps!


Stay tuned for this weekends One Month One Dress posts about casual drinks, becoming 19 again at the Cathouse what I can only expect to be the most hungover day of 2013 so far.





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  1. I loved the Hilton’s tea party I was there a few weeks ago and the cakes were ace :)
    Its not really cheating about the jumper, scotland is blimmin freezing, we need jumpers here x

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