Summer is only four days away and what better way to celebrate this than the challenge of creating your ‘Summer/Winter wardrobe!


Glasgow – 4 Days Pre Solstice – Captured by Christina Marie Riley

With the snow pelting it down outside and temperatures hitting below freezing, it’s tough to revamp you’re Autumn/Waiter wardrobe into something Springy and fabulous. All that is in the shops at the moment are light floral dresses, ankle socks and belly tops – lovely, but not quite the practical solution to the slush that awaits us outside. I’ve never been too much of an accessories girl but recently I’ve been branching out to necklaces, rings and most practically hats and boy, is it the Spring/Summer/Winter treat that I’ve been looking for!



Scottish Fashion Award Nominee Jenivieve Berlin and her outrageous talents have been on my wish list radar for quite some time. From the moment she jumped ship from designing head pieces for the stage she lunged into our hearts bursting with colour and holding her middle finger up to the norm.

jb mil

Jenivieve Berlin – Blood Sweat and Tears – the Bedroom Collection

There are some absulutely stunning pieces available to buy within her boutique. From the Colourful and Rebellious Extroverts to the Quirky Sultry Heroines, if you are wearing Jenivieve Berlin Millenary, you need nothing else but confidence.


Wilting Flower – £160


Pastel Rose Crown – £280


Jungle Geisha – £140

There are some absolute bargains which are just waiting to be taken on a night in the town. Who says hats are just for Weddings and Christings, bring them out and hold your head high with some Berlin Beauty on a budget.

ring a rosies

Ring around the Rosie – £28


Psychodelic Paisley Bow – £32

I am absolutely delighted that she is bringing a slice of her exuberance to a more ready to wear casual collection. The beanies themselves are very soft, and you don’t feel like the flowers will be found sporadically around Buchannan Street after a few days of wear. The beanies are available in Graphite, Magenta, Bottle Green, Velvet Purple, and the classic Cream and can be matched with Peach, Vintage White, Burgundy, Lilac, and bright Yellow flowers.


Each hat is £18 and is available to order via her Facebook but will be available soon on her shop online.  With this Spring snow that just won’t quit I think I may need to invest in a bottle green and yellow number, I mean surely it’s an investment for a city of 90% drieche?  Will you be investing?






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  1. Loving the hats- think I might need to treat myself to one of these bad boys!! Keep the amazing finds coming- my shopping addiction is well and truely being fueled !! x x

  2. Hi there Lolly, If you get in touch with Jenivieve Berlin over facebook (link above) you can ask her! Its a wee stunner. Glad I’m helping your shopping needs Sinead! xxx

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