I really don’t understand people who don’t like Halloween. Apparently it’s the effort, or the messiness but really I think Halloween is pretty much the best holiday – can we call it that? – of the year. It’s the one time where it’s appropriate and dammit expected to have an entirely new identity  and no one will question your sanity. I always find that the closer it gets to Halloween my everyday wardrobe is inspired by it, and this outfit is no exception! 


Ever since I was little, I have had a complete witch loving obsession. From pretty much studying The Craft to rummaging around Opal Moon buying crystals and casting spells around my back garden (yea I was that cool). There has always been something that fascinated me about them, and that wasn’t just their enviable wardrobe!

For my ‘everyday Halloween’ look I channelled my inner Coven by pairing, yes you guessed it – THOSE Miista boots with a great little Primark shirt / jumper combo. They have them in pretty much every colour but the black is perfect if you’re looking for a cheap Wednesday Adams look! I teamed it with this great navy and black Primark hat and finished off with my Hayley Scanlan bomber and most likely the best bag you will ever see this Halloween. Witches would be trippin if they didn’t have their cauldron, right?!


Hat – Primark, Bomber – Hayley Scanlan,  Jumper – Primark, Shorts – River Island, Boots – Miista, Bag – Luna on the Moon, Ring – Bonnie Bling 


From the makers of my beloved egg bag I give you Luna on the Moon’s Pumpkin clutch. This happy little fella is just about all you will need this Halloween, heck, this year! Pumpkins are not just for October, they are for life and I am so excited to style this baby up all year round. Luna on the Moon is one of my favourite British designers, if you haven’t already I would insist you shop around! What are you guys up to for Halloween this year?

forever yours betty


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