Hi there folks, sorry for the week or so of radio silence. I have well and truly embraced the holiday spirit by doing sweet Fanny Adams and having a damn good time about it. Christmas can really take it out of you and after this mammoth year  I plan on sleeping and eating until 2015 hits! If like me you are trying to steer clear of the sales for once this season, I thought I’d pull together ten pieces I’ve worn this year which I’ll be happily taking with me into 2015.


1. Double Denim.

The Textan Tuxedo lives on in 2015, although next year you need to get your DIY on and rock them with some patches. No, I haven’t gone back to 1998 in search for the old ones you safety pinned to your bag – although that is an idea – I’m talking about the new style of patchin’, hand made, glittery and just too sassy for words. I’ve been insta-stalkingsome amazing designs from King Sophies World forEVER to jazz up some 2014 pieces. Her hand appliqued patches are soemthing of a pop culture dream, and although you may wonder on investing so much on sequins, think about the time put into painstakingly hand sewing each one to create the most incredible designs from potions to punk ass bitches. I’ll be saving up fo sho. Patching not your vibe? Then rip it up and start again as distressing, bleeching and generally cheap ways of looking awesome in denim is all about keeping crafty. 


king sophies world

2. Shirts – Under everything.

This is a really easy way to use up most of your wardrobe and create some interesting and fun everyday outfits. I love adding collars to plain or patterned tops for a bit of layering love. I may keep an eye on the sales for some cute lacy collars but if a girl was to really wish for the collar of dreams, it would have to be something from Vivetta. If I had all the moneys Vivetta is the kind of brand I would wear all the time, everyday, always. Until that fateful pay check comes my way, I will be slowly saving for one of their iconic hands half shirts. SWOON!
20140327-001128.jpgpettorina_rosa_1024x1024 vivetta hands shirt

3. Patterned Trousers.

It can be way too easy to jump out the door with jeans and a tee but next year, I’ll be keeping on keeping on with my love for all things bright, colourful and patterned when it comes to my bottoms! Let a patterned trouser be the focal point of the outfit, matching accessories to help bring out the colours within them. I think my vintage Versace jeans with my Jump from Paper Giggle bag were a match made in heaven but I am super excited to wear my Lazy Oaf Garfield Trousers which I picked up on Black Friday, still only £25!  
photo 5 (7)

lazy oaf garfeild trousers

4. The Plastics.

2014 was definitely the year for pleather and PVC. I love mixing it with furs and classic cuts like when I rocked my fave Hayley Scanlan bomber to smarten up this casual jeans and tee look. Next year I’ll be donning even more PVC and pleather but not just stopping at clothing,  I’m taking it even further to my accessories collection. I’ve been dying to rock my pleather Opera gloves I pretty much stole from eBay, go big or go home right?photo 2 (4)

IMG_1898 (1)

5. Keep on Cropping.

It took me a while for me to really get into the crop top game, but 2014 definitely put me in my stride. Midriffs will be kept out and those Topshop and Primark tokens will last another 12 months. HALLELU!  I loved this uber short Chouchou number I wore with a long leopard print bralette but I was lucky enough to be given this gorge Topshop cable knit from my Mum at Christmas which is perfect for layering but still keeping cosy!

photo 4 (2)topshop jumper

6. Whiter than white.

Everyone knows I am a slave to colour but the new year is bringing a a lot of neutrals into the forefront of our wardrobes. Clean lines and a back to basics palette will help you concentrate on building the perfect bunch of staples for the next few years. I think I’ll be layering up this little Boohoo number to bring it bang up to date. If you are buying one thing white though, I’d keep it classic and find yourself a nice mens shirt. Perfect for flinging with anything from pencil skirts to denims, to the gents sale rail!

photo 47. Headgear.

This year started and continually added to my evergrowing hat collection. From wide floppy brims, veils to head scarves to a Chouchou hood, adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to literally top off your outfit will up your style stakes. Start out by playing around with different styles to find the ones that really suit you, sometimes your favourite unfortunately just isn’t for you, but will give you a good idea of what to look for next. With a few staples out the way in 2014, next year I dream of having some Bernstock Speirs grace my head. All veils and ‘adult’ bunny ears is a must have in my book, I NEED EVERYTHING!

betty hatbernstock spiers bunny hat8. Novelty Bags.

Even if this wasn’t a top trend for 2015 I think novelty bags and motifs in general is the perfect way to add some personality to your outfit. New Look have been at the top of their accessories game this year and the preivew for SS15 shows it only gets better! I have an ever growing collection of my favourite #shoplocal lovely Luna on the Moon and I still think my egg bag is my ultimate favourite accessory of 2014, especially with my ‘streaky bacon’ dropped waist dress! This Christmas, my lovely brother and girlfriend Sinead AKA Miss Wee and Twee knew me too well by adding to my  collection with this adorable Watermelon bag also by Luna On the Moon! Delish!

betty egg bagluna on the moon9.  The O-T-K Boot.

If there is one item in my wardrobe that got the most wear this year, it would be my Miista over-the-knee Emi boots. They only came into my clutches as Autumn drew in and I have worn them in every way imaginable. So much so, on Cyber Monday I decided my Dad would kindly buy the Neoprene version for me for my Christmas! How nice eh? They are so comfortable and I think the two different fabrics can give slightly different looks. I can be a sucker to really buy into a certain style but when you love it so much and it works for you, whats the harm eh? There is 50% off them at the time of typing and there is really no other OTK boot worth mentioning. Ever. So do yourself a favour and stop the hunt now!
photo 1 (29)

10. The Camel Coat.

If A/W showed us anything it was Camel Winter coats were most certainly for the win! I got this Missguided one for when things got a bit too chilly for my Burberry trench and I’m well chuffed the colour is staying put in 2015. It adds a life of luxe to the dowdyest of outfits, so why not try pick up on in the sale? Or better yet, why not head to your local Vintage shop and scout for a Burberry Trench of your own. A dry clean a year keeps it in mint condition for decades to come, talk about cost per wear! 

By this time I have usually hit the sales running, but this year I have made the decision to invest in something that couldnt hang in my closet, a brand new camera. The majority of my photos until now have been taken either on Bee’s DSLR or from my iPhone 5. Using natural light and a hefty handful of apps has done me super well so far, but I’m determined to do better and really bank on myself and not my wardrobe, for once! I absolutely love writing this blog and it was about time I made an effort to get better at this whole photography bit! My DSLR sits in a corner gathering dust as to be honest, I dont know how to use it to get the best results. I will do a blog review over my new Christmas purchase in the New Year but you’ll also be happy to know it films in HD! Watch this space folks, you may see me finally entering the world of vlogging, we’ll have to wait and see! Until then, hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays and I will see you all in 2015!

forever yours betty

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  1. Really interesting post! Love all your picks but especially the patterned trousers – plain denim jeans can get a bit boring and I’d love to see more crazy bottoms in the shops and on the streets! And I’m definitely going to investigate some novelty bags for 2015 – that egg is just fantastic haha!


  2. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed looking through the years looks. You can never go wrong with some Luna on the Moon or Lazy Oaf! Xx

  3. Awww thank you so much for ypur kind words! I believe everyone can carry anything off as long as you love it and you sissy that walk! Hope you have a great 2015! Xxx

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