It’s pretty ironic LFW takes place at a time when it’s most difficult to dress.  The after-winter-not-yet-spring weather reports can make it essential for you to have gloves, sunglasses and an umbrella all close to hand. So when your trying to look and feel your best in tough weather conditions there’s only one everlasting trend I swear by, and that is texture.

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 Coat: Bee’s, Dress: Hayley Scanlan, Boots: Miista, Muff: Sara Sboul

Whatever the weather, there’s always enough time  for a little textur-al healing. Sometimes all you need to feel cosy is some amazing fabrics that you just cant help but touch yourself in! I’m a fan of indulging in all the tactile style delights — think patterned faux furs, leathers, sequins — the kind of things that your mum would have said “look with your eyes not with your hands”. With fuzzy-everything and fringes making an epic comeback, this Spring’s lineup is ripe for the picking. For day 3 I decided to wrap myself in leather and fuzzy things. I know you may be sick of the sight of my Miista Emi’s but LORDY were they a saviour for this, the wettest day of LFW.

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I matched the leather legs with a little bit of local biker girl chic. I borrowed this incredible pink and leatherette Hayley Scanlan dress from my brothers girlfriend AKA Wee and Twee. It is certainly a spring staple (and in her sale RIGHT NOW) so I decided to wear one of my essential ribbed Topshop polo necks underneath to keep warm, finishing off with a classic navy trench borrowed from my Bee.

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You would think that with all the leather, pastel colours and buckles it would be best to pull everything together with a classic clutch or bag, but not me. As you all know I am a sucker for a statement accessory and this adorable Sara Sboul fuzzy muff was just the right kinda wrong to pull into the outfit. I know people say less is more, and sometimes I do agree, but I like to do what feels right to me, regardless of anyone else and this muff is just everything. Not only did it keep my handies warm but it was also appreciated by my favourite Canadian cuties, The Beckerman Sisters who couldn’t have left London without their very own version. I was having a fangirl moment already, nevermind the thought of them coveting something of mine! Too much? Just enough apparently!

IMG_4847Texture adds an instant interest to your everyday look, yea sometimes you may feel flashy but why is that ever a bad thing? Going out of your comfort zone is half the fun in fashion, you never know what you might like until you try it! So next time you find yourself reaching for your trusty handbag, put your lazy-gal look on hold and dive into texture. Don’t worry, the water is as warm as the faux fur will keep you!

forever yours betty

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