When you are in a long-term relationship with your phone, computer and diary sometimes all you can think of is “God. I wish we were on a break.”  I once left my phone at a friends house one night and all I could think about was  incoming emails and Tweets that would go unanswered until morning.  I fondly think about the times when all a phone could do was well, phone. Well that and my sleep was left uninterrupted by thoughts of hashtags, @ symbols, and perfectly crafted subject lines – the life of a PR girl. Yes, life was simple then, but thankfully, a Scottish Girl boss has managed to marry the written with the digital with her new stationery sets with integrated app to keep us with a healthy and productive mind. Introducing ‘type A’s’ new BFF, Tech Meets Paper.


No matter how far technology advances, nothing will ever replace the pen and paper. And why would you want to? There’s nothing like writing a list and ticking each item off as it’s completed, and  Life Coach Kirsty Mac knows exactly how the tech should meet the paper in her new augmented reality app. Really, Tech Meets Paper is trying to solve everyday problems socially charged people meet in everyday life. Acting as your own little lifestyle coach in your pocket, Tech Meets Paper brings together the trusted analog with the latest in technology, syncing both stylish paper stationery and digital diaries seamlessly.


Brought to you by the coaching and lifestyle team, Leadership Styled, Tech Meets Paper blend their  experience from working with both individuals and  brands to create a product to help maintain a healthy work / life balance. With stunning stationery from notepads to pens, Tech Meets Paper shapes its way around you while getting to know what you need and when you need it. From inspirational quotes, meditative videos to audio tracks to help realign focus, Tech Meets Paper is designed with modern lifestyles in mind. Still don’t get how it works? Let the lady in know explain more herself in this short video. 


Created in Scotland, the innovative app with it’s focus on combining digital stationery and mindfulness is pushing for further development with the launch of its crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo. Looking for £10,000, Tech Meets Paper are looking to use the money to develop the incredible combination of written and smart technology and have it ready for both Android and iPhone before the year’s end. Woman in STEM that helps my mind catch up with my body? Where do I sign?! Oh, that’s right, over to IndieGoGo! 

forever yours betty


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