I’m not usually that prepared for Christmas. Every year no matter how many gift guides I write, no matter how many times I mention it on social media, I am 99% of the time a last minute sally, dashing about the shops with only a few days to spare. But not this year! A few weeks back the lovely ladies at Cath Kidston invited me to their shiny new store on Princes St, Edinburgh and would you believe I got most of my list done right there and then?! I could hardly believe it too!

Even though I’ve been a fan of Cath for a while now, I couldn’t quite get over the sheer amount of Christmas shopping you could get done there. At first, your mum, auntie or sister spring to mind, but Dad, bro and nephew?! Now I’ve seen (or bought) everything! Here’s what made it home with me in my top store picks…

Herb Garden

K, I got just a smidge obsessed with these little herb pots! Whether you are a basil, coriander, parsley or chive hand, Cath Kidston got your kitchen sorted in these super cute little polka dot pots. At just Β£12 (or Β£9.50 this weekend in the sale) I picked one up for just about every person in the family!


The Cath Kidston initial mugs are almost as iconic as the prints! Priced at Β£7.50 they make the best stocking filler!

Shower Cap

Not just for grannies! Got a pal with coloured hair? Give her the gift of vibrant locks with this must have bath time essential!


If Bake Off sparked off a new found passion for the kitchen, turn them pro with some support from little soldiers!


Is it really Christmas without gifting a candle? Didn’t think so.


I loved this little sock pack, three for me, four for…who am I kidding?!


From Bingo, Dominos to Charades or even just a new cuddly friend! Save the family from divorce by putting the Monopoly away and picking up a little something classic (and a lot cute!)

Hand Creams

Cath Kidston hand creams have been a firm favourite of mine since I made them a necessity in my handbag a few years back. They last ages, smell divine and come in 3 packs so you can even treat your 2 BFFS and keep one for you!

Anything Disney

Unless you’ve been under a rock you would know that Cath Kidston and Disney got together for a collab and it’s just as good as you think it is. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t fall for a little bit of Disney charm, so for the person who has everything, you can always count on Disney!

Since it is the season to be jolly, it wouldn’t be a shopping trip without a treat for yourself! Every year I look forward to my Christmas jammies, and this year I think it’ll be the comfiest yet with this matching set with slippers! Am I the only one who hears the snowman music? Just me? Ok.

Be sure to check out the Cath Kidston new Edinburgh store on 98-99 Princes Street, or shop online today!

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