It wasn’t always going to be a Frenchie. I knew myself when I became self employed that the timing was right to get the dog I always wanted.  Adoption was the first option and after my first visit to the Scottish Dogs Trust I fell for a beautiful grey staffy cross. Unfortunately, little did we know that living in a flat would get in the way of the adoption process and we didn’t pass the requirements they needed. Soon, we realised that if we wanted to move forward, it was time to look into what breed was best for us and our lifestyle, and it wasn’t long before we agreed on the French Bulldog.

As far as characteristics go we needed a smallish dog that was uplifting for my anxiety,  didn’t need too much excersise and most of all, enjoyed a cuddle and family life. We ended up narrowing it own to a French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Whippit, Italian Greyhound or Basset Hound and after a blogger event in town, fate came into play when my girl Ayden showed me a picture of her fur baby boy to be, little Frenchie Bronson.

He was perfect, a little pied eyed puppy, relative to another friend of mine’s French Bulldog, JC. I immediately began all my research, and messaged the breeder with my note of interest in Bronson’s sister. I explained how I was a friend of Ayden and my living situation. Zoe, the breeder was exactly how I hoped she would be. Asking loads of questions, wanting to make sure 1) we were ready 2) we’d done our research and 3) if we were right for her pups. After A LOT of back and forth, we finally got the confirmation. Olive was coming home with us and let me just say, it’s the best thing we have ever done.

Olive – 8 weeks old
The day we took her home

Thinking of getting a french bulldog? Here are 5 things you should know:

  1. Worried about a small space?  Frenchie’s are perfect city dogs and do great in small spaces. They aren’t very active so as long as you take them out for their little walks inbetween, wherever you lay a blanket / your jacket is their home!
  2. Are you ready to laugh? Frenchies have very quirky personalities so seeing how they develop is so much fun. Olive has always been such a calm and gentle soul since day one. She’s incredibly funny and has a particular love for pebbles, sticks and leaves and would choose one of them over a shop bought toy anyday!
  3. Do you mind a stinky butt? Frenchies are notorious for having the stinkiest little butts in town. It’s weird to say you get used to it (some really can take your breath away) but it does create some laughs! Having a good diet can help them tremendously, but you need to be careful of their sensitive tummy’s
  4. Will you be around? Frenchies love company, so much so they can get separation anxiety. If you will be leaving your pup alone for most of the day, this isn’t the breed for you
  5. Are you ready to be patient? While French bulldogs are smart cookies, they take some time to learn during they’re training period, meaning that Mumma and Daddy need some patience. Frenchies are very sensitive, so its best to use positive reinforcement and encouragement when training your baby

In short, having a Frenchie is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself.  Before Olive, working at home my anxiety would get the better of me. More often than not, the bad habits of only allowing myself breaks as a reward (note: need the bathroom or a glass of water? Yea I would consider those rewards for a job well done) was becoming all too unhealthy. Having Olive to care for ment I had to put her first and get out in the fresh air and make sure I was eating when she did. Olive is very intuitive and had her own way of knowing when my anxiety is playing up. She comes to my feet, “Kitten paws” my legs and helps me regulate my breathing with hers. Her light snore is almost like white noise, creating such a calm atmosphere around me. French bulldogs don’t tend to bark, but they do like to “talk,” using what can only be described as a complex system of yawns and pigeon like gargles, it’s a language that you will soon become fluent in and if you are anything like me, it will fast become the most relaxing sound in the planet.

Olive and her brother, Bronson AKA #Brolive

Its safe to say that our lives changed for the better since Olive. So much so, if you have been keeping up with me on social media, I very recently got her a little sister (who is actually her real sister btw) to keep her company. Olive has always been a social little butterfly, so getting her a companion to play with her while I’m working or to keep her company on the times I need to leave her helps us both. But more on that later!

Are you thinking of getting a Frenchie? Be sure and research your breeder thoughoughly, asking to see both the parents and past pups if possible. I am lucky where I have met the entire extended family, and we actually all keep in touch on the progress of the pups together via a Facebook page. With the popularity of the Frenchie breed growing so vastly in the last few years, there has been many health issues which has raised from interbreeding. Just be aware of puppy farming, and if you have any suspicions, please report immediately to the SSPCA / RSPCA.

I hope this post has been helpful! Please stay tuned for the next post in my new series, Forever Yours Frenchie.

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  1. Loved reading this gal! And loving the pictures too. Olive is such a special little lady and we are so lucky to have these pups in our lives <3 Love ya xxx

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