Is there a hairstyle that’s more universal than the braid? It’s high-impact, easy to do, and perfect for basically any situation. There’s a reason why this classic style is repeated over and over again on red carpets and in Pinterest. But, sometimes the technique can be all but a bit twisted, lucky for us that our favourite Award Winning salon BLOW are here to show us the ropes and upgrade our braids from basic to bad ass in no time. Welcome, to BLOW’s Braid Bar.

Braid Bar 2

‘Milk Braid’

Now, I’m not the only one who has a lack of skills in the braiding department, so I was over the moon to hear that BLOW were here to give my fumbly fingers some rest in creating their very own Braid Bar. With great looks from just £8, there’s no need to fake it till you make it. Get the look straight off the catwalk for a style that lasts for days and even weeks! Check out the full menu below.


’50 Braids of Grey’

Blow Braids 2

‘Braid in Glasgow’

Braid Bar 6

‘Braidy Rascal’ 

braid bar 3

‘Bae Braid’

Braid Bar 3

‘Notorious B.R.A.I.D’


‘Real Slim Braidy

BLOW are no stranger to keeping on top of their style game (‘mind when those Glitter Roots went Viral and Miley even got on board?!) So who better to shoot the full Braid Bar menu that the same photographer who captured all that hairspo – Christina Marie Riley. Taking the looks back to their roots (sorry) Riley shot the menu on film with a few familiar faces too, even one for the boys…

braid bar 5

‘Braid Pitt’

It’s not like BLOW to do a trend the standard way. Once you have chosen your Notorious B.R.A.I.D or Real Slim Braidy then next step is all about the accessorising. From hoops to ribbon, flowers to those glitter roots, these ain’t like no other braids you have seen on the high street. With accessories prices from just £5 you could even keep ’em safe till next visit! Will you be joining the BLOW Braidy Bunch?

forever yours betty

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