Before you start mourning the lack of sunshine in what we used to all know as ‘summer’, listen up! When the sun stops to shine and the rain starts to pour, look to your wardrobe to bring the happiness back! Because what won’t lift you right out of those ‘Summertime’ blues than an outfit that’ll perk you up more than that second cup of coffee! We can’t change the weather, but we can change our mood, so my theory is if you wear the sun, the sun will come, right?

There may just be a force greater than your overdraft that controls our wardrobes, our mood.  Probably one of the most frequent questions from my friends is “what are you wearing to _____” and the answer always is, I don’t know, I’ll see how I feel.  Some people are fantastic planners at sorting their wardrobe into outfits for all occasions, but for me it’s all about how I feel and what inspires me when I wake.  We had a few days of hot hot heat but with a severe lack of sunshine (cheers Global Warming) so I created a seaside look for the city and cracked out my favourite summer shorts to make me feel like the sun wasn’t that far away.

IMG_5872IMG_5877IMG_5873Watch: Caravelle NY, Shoes: Boden, Shorts & Crop: ASOS, Shirt: Rokit Vintage

We all have our own smiley triggers, but for me, what makes me happy is what I decide to project that day. Now, this doesn’t mean that if I wear black (a rarity but still) that I am sad or depressed, it may mean that I want to be taken seriously or even blend in a bit. Colours mean different things to different people, so if you dress for you and what makes you happy the world is sure to follow!

IMG_5874We have missed out on a lot of Sun this Summer, so lets just all embrace the humidity and get the legs out and who knows what the universe will give us, and our wardrobes! What clothes make you happy?

forever yours betty

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I'm Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. Green is my favourite! I’m a jumper girl all year long though; permanent bloody goosebumps! 😅 Any advice for an affordable knitwear company with vibrant colours and funky designs?? 💕👌🏼

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