It’s no secret that we are a society that is obsessed with the internet. But, what if you need it for more than the obvious boredom, curiosity or social aspect and you’re livelihood actually depends on it? It may sound strange, but I owe most of my career to the internet and last week I went to my teenage dream agency to tell them all about it. This is the story of how Betty went Bold on a Barge.

When I was young, I was one of the lucky ones who pretty much knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up.   As soon as I came across the ‘Cheer Up Goth’ advert by Irn Bru, it made me actually take to my dial-up (after 7pm) and find out how it came about, and the answer was The Leith Agency. 

 It was pretty daunting; I was about to board a boat to talk about personal branding and online identity to the agency I had idolised as a teen. Leith believe that you need to be bold in order to stand out in an increasingly busy world of commerce and branding so they created Bold on the Barge  to discuss the stories of the people who inspire them by their making bold choices.  I’m not exactly a shy person, hell, I can talk to brick walls and get a piece at anyone’s door. But, something about talking about my personal journey and how I do things to the people at the top of their game? Well, that’s a different story.     
The talk itself went super well, as I steamrolled through my full blog-life story; from vintage shops to Swollock funerals to the colour orange. Essentially, talking about how I turned what was a hobby into a full grown brand. When I look at some of my first posts, I cringe as I can barely see myself in it. It’s only been the last few years that I have finally found my voice, and it feels just as loud as my real one! Perhaps back in 2008, it would have been hard to imagine that a personal blog dedicated to things you like, and stores you shop, could be an actual job, and it’s not mine, but blogging did help me open up my own business with fellow Scottish Blogger and BFF Bee Waits and the rest (as they say) is history. 

   Since the whole thing was taking place on a boat, I could’nt not go all ‘Hey Sailor’ for the barge! Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt & Bag: H&M, Top: Primark, Glasses: Miu Miu   

 It was really amazing to look back at some of my achievement since I started blogging; I’ve hosted panels for the BBC, judged at Award Ceremonies, been a part of a beauty campaign for Selfridges, visited beautiful places and met incredible people. I have a lot to thank the internet for, but really it’s only you who holds the keys to your own destiny. Everyone has their bad days but if you keep up the PMA and surround yourself with positive people, you’re sure to reach the success that you dream of. Would you like to read some of my story and top tips?

forever yours betty

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About Betty

I'm Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. Hi Betty- do you happen to know the name of the Miu Miu frame you are wearing? I would love to track it down. Thanks

  2. Love the story but its just so weird because my name is betty I have red hair and wear glasses. This what I found when I googled myself. Too funny

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