No matter which part of the world you are attending, Fashion Week is the exhausting-slash-exhilarating extravaganza where fizz and popcorn are had, cheeks are kissed (twice) and designers get us revved up for the seasons to come. If anybody thinks it’s just a extended party, they have obviously never attended one before. Try think of it more like a 24/7 job — and after New York, it’s straight on to London, Paris, and Milan, well if you are lucky enough! Getting through Fashion Week (or weeks) in one piece does take a certain amount of verve. Luckily, even the not-so-fab parts (the constant commuting, networking, having your photo snapped when you’re at your most frazzled), can be handled gracefully if you’ve got the right supplies on hand. Here’s my top list of what you may need to survive the hussle and the bussle.

IMG_07211. A Comfy, Central Hotel – Citizen M

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my four seasons of Fashion Week it’s the importance of a comfortable, central hotel. When you have been on your feet for more than 12 hours and you have nothing left to shmooze, there’s nothing better than kicking back in comfort and style, and the Citizen M has that in spades. Based in the central location of Blackfriars, come in and collapse in possibly the biggest bed you have ever slept in, create your own mood lighting and relax with a movie before catching your much-needed z’s before starting all over again the next day. What’s more, the breakfast is better than most of the hotel jobs you have ever tried. Robust sausage and creamy eggs are exactly what’s needed to set you up for a full day at Fashion Week!


2. Power Bank

I cannot stress how important this essential is. It’s like that old social saying goes, if you are attending something and twitter doesn’t know about it, did it really happen? Your phone and various forms of charger will keep you social – and sane – throughout all the fashion week stresses. My power bank has various fittings so I can charge my phone, iPad or camera with it, but you can pick one up super cheap on eBay Just make sure you charge it before leaving the hotel!

3. Camera

Not just an essential but one of the most important things you can bring to Fashion Week. The photos you will take will remind you of exactly what you did during the week, and provide quality fresh content for your blog and social media channels for months to come! I’m just about to invest in the Olympus PEN camera, which definitely seems to be the blogger cam du jour at the moment.


4. Comfy Shoes

My entire Fashion Week revolved around one shoe – the Boden two toned boot. People say that heels are are never a great idea, but when you have worked more than 5 years in retail you probably lost feeling in your feet a long time ago. Make sure you wear a pair of shoes that can withstand a lot of walking and standing. Or at least pack a spare pair for when you turn into ‘that girl’ with pain written all over her face.


5. CityMapper App

THE best way to get around in London is CityMapper. Simply put in your location, destinations and choose how you want to get there. The app does the rest, and tells you the calories you will burn in that duration. How thoughtful!

6. An Oyster Card

To be used alongside CityMapper, using an oyster doesn’t just save time, but it saves money, which is important while you’re in London! When you get an Oyster, you can either use it as a pay-as-you go card that you top up as needed, or purchase a weekly that gives you unlimited travel within your specified zones. An Oyster never goes out of date, so make sure you keep it for next season.


7. Uber App

The main shows are primarily held sound the same spot but the rest of the parties and events are held all over London. For rides cheaper than a London black cab, use the Uber app. They will pick you up from your location in no time at all and if you are feeling flash use the Uber Lux car to arrive in style, or you know when your feet can no longer take you to the nearest tube station.

8. Eight Hour Cream

From the hot, busy underground, to the freezing cold outdoors; all these changes in temperature can really put your skin through a beating. Instead of letting your skin fall victim to dehydration, keep this award-winning cream with you at all times. Chapped lips and dry patches don’t stand a chance.

elizabeth arden 8hr cream

9. Dry Shampoo

Missed washing your hair because you were out too late mingling with the greats of fashion? This Lush No Dought dry shampoo has helped me and my hair be show ready in notime. What’s more is that it doubles as a deodorant that doesn’t clog up your pores! Everyone loves a bit of dual action!


10. Sara Hill Marilyn Lipstick

These days, every other #OOTD-er is Instagramming her bright, red pout — do ’em all one better with this bright orange shade that’s the ultimate lip for every outfit. Tried and tested by Grannies, you know this moisturising lip colour will never let you fall flat.


11. Business Cards

If you have cards, bring them, if you don’t get them! Fashion Week is a great time to meet and network with other people in the industry. You don’t ever want to have to write your name and number the back of a fag packet. I love the quality and the timely print of Moo.com.

12. Water

Whether it’s forcing down copious amounts of the free Vita Coco, or just plain old water, make sure you keep drinking. This is so important when you’re rushing from one show to the next and especially if you’re taking full advantage of the free cocktails and champagne.Finding time for a proper lunch can be difficult, so if you don’t have the chance carry some snacks with you to keep your energy levels up.

Fashion Week is like the bloggers own Olympics. Running around town in three-inch boots is a lot harder than it looks, so make sure you grab your essentials and stay chic for as long as possible. Is there something you would recommend I add to my essentials list?

forever yours betty

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