Have you ever caught a sniff of someone and they suddenly turned hot? You’re not alone! The link between seduction and smell is as old as well, time, so what about if you share a fragrance, would it still have the same appeal? As it happens, yes. If you think unisex perfume is all in the CK1, your wrong, there is a world of fragrances that are suitable for all. So if you’re stumped on what to get your significant other, why not go halfers in for a scent you can both share? After all, sometimes cliche’s are cliche for a reason. Here’s my top 5 sharing fragrances for him, her and everyone else.

eugenia loli glitter romance
Dependable Relationship by Eugenia Loli

Tom Ford,  Oud Wood

When I say I’m a big fan of Oud Wood, I mean that I already own a full bottle and a dupe for those less fancy days. For me,  you can do no wrong with a Tom Ford scent but his unisex offerings take the genderless biscuit. Like the rest of his stellar lineup, Oud Wood is intoxicating, the blend of wood scents (further complicated by spicy notes of cardamom and amber) is like burning incense. It takes me back to Marrakech with every spritz (that’s if I can keep my man’s hands off it!) Can’t quite stretch to the bottle? Try the dupe from Eden Perfumes instead, it’s vegan too!



Inspired by the freshness of the sea and the dark woodsy aroma of boats, this affordable scent is fresh and distinctive with hints of lemon, coriander, and lavender. Sold exclusively in GANT stores and online this is the perfect scent for men or women who like something heady yet fresh.

20151202000306110_fv_pimcore_9900_flatDiptyque, Volutes

Just try not to get lost in this intoxicating battle of smoky, spicy, and sweet. I dare you.  Reminiscent of cigar smoke, this formula features tobacco, iris, honey, pepper, and myrrh. Can we see a pattern emerging? Smokey leather smells are my jam.


Penhaligons, Elixir

Designed to emulate the 1872 signature fragrance, Hammam Bouquet, Penhaligons Elixir is a complex blend of earthy woods and sensual spices with a twist of orange. Opulent, mysterious and complex, this like most Penhaligons scents, is unusual and addictive. I would recommend you go for a smelling session at your nearest Penhaligons pronto.


I know that there are some weird science behind fragrance, but how many scents are based on a single ingredient? Hunted down by my girl Bee some Fashion Weeks ago, it’s creator discovered the many ways it can smell when sitting on various skin types. There’s something so different about it, especially since it never smells the same twice, well, if it’s on different people! In short, get ready to have lots of people chase you down the street and ask what you’re wearing. (Don’t worry, Bee got her bottle!)

molecule 01

Sometimes it feels like fragrance is ridiculously gendered — unless you want to smell like a fairy princess or Linx gym locker (no judgment), in which case, the world is your oyster. Finding the perfect balance of masculine and feminine is tricky but the true test lies in the skin you have. Fragrance has the magical power to smell oh so different on different bodies, so just because you are wearing the same scent as your other half, doesn’t mean you’ll smell the same. Although, you may fight over the bottle, don’t say I didn’t warn you! What scents would you recommend for sharing?
forever yours betty

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  1. I’ve smelled most and owned a couple Tam’s fragrances but think Oud Wood passed me by, shall investigate… My favourites are Jo’s Velvet Rose & Oud and budget buy Joop Wild for men – it’s delicious. Sadly Molecule 1 smells of nowt on me! haha xxxx

  2. Really?! That’s so funny! It’s such a distinctive smell on some! Bee actually chased two separate people trying to find out what they were wearing, both smelled different but delicious! I love Jo Malone too, Pomegranate Noir is just divine! If you’re sticking to Tom I would also recommend Black Orchid and Tobacco Vanille! x

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