Take a sec to look around your home — does it look like IKEA and your teenage room got together and had one very cluttered baby? Yup, I feels ya. Shopping for furniture can be a real pain and for most folks the best solution is to just settle, or find new ways to hide aforementioned clutter. Well, since being 29 technically classifies me as an adult, it’s time to invest in real furniture instead of stuffing my LASSO drawers full of things I don’t need. Contrary to all the IKEA bits from my student days still taking over my flat, I have an unexplainable love for all things midcentury modern, but, how do you find them? How do you know you’re not being overcharged? How do you know that the ‘good quality’ is in fact, good quality furniture? Enter Laura Hewitt, style maven and owner of new online interiors store, Habiib Home.

habib home #

I’m not going to lie, shopping for vintage furniture can daunting experience, especially when it feels like everywhere is overrun with pricey, picked-over goods everywhere you look. Launching just last week, Habiib Home is an amazing online treasure finder selling unique, high-quality design led interiors in a modern accessible way. Starting it’s life on Instagram, Habiib specialises in offering a curated collection of affordable retro homeware within an easy to navigate online store. Basically taking all the pain out the hunt and delivering stunning retro furniture to your home / office / salon at reasonable and affordable prices.

Pink retro sofa habiibG plan habiib

Based within Laura’s home in the Southside of Glasgow, every item  is personally selected for it’s quality, design and statement style. A labour of love, Laura travels around the UK with her partner to make sure only the best gets selected. From G Plan to Ercol, McIntosh to Olsen, Habiib collects items from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, even inspiring local stylists and designers to use the furniture as a backdrop for their photo shoots. And can you blame them?

drinks cabinet habiibgold chairs habiib

I’ve completely fallen for more than a few items and have even lost sleep about two gold chairs that got away (you can still see them above, still haunting me.) Really, I’m just waiting to get out of rented accommodation to then pretty much have a fully Habiib’d home. That’s not too much to ask, right? Make sure you follow Habiib on Instagram and keep up with her new finds, the term ‘if you’re not fast you’re last’ has never been truer. What’s your favourite Habiib honey?

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  1. Mid-century modern furniture is gaining a high popularity because of it being the perfect mix of medieval and modern furniture. It is unique and beautiful, and it doesn’t have a hard time fitting with any interior type but it is recommended for home use only as offices often require a more modern look.

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