Scarves. Just throw it around your neck and you are done, right? Wrong. Some people can really underestimate the versatility of a good scarf and the million ways you can wear them to up your outfit ante. Sure, you could just let them hang around your decolletage, but my particular favourite  has to be on my head. Let’s face it, all hair can look even better if it’s all wrapped up in an awesome scarf. Twist it, tie it, wrap it! If your hair’s your crowning glory, it deserves an accessory to match!

Karen Mabon Scarf

Regardless of the season or the reason, scarves make us look and feel pretty great. It’s the crowning glory to the outfit and never fails to go unnoticed. What’s even more perfect, is that head scarves work best on second-day hair. And when I say 2nd-day hair, we all know I’m meaning 5th and 6th-day hair because, you know, gotta save that colour! My love affair with scarves started when I found my designer soul mate Karen Mabon. Her love for everything pop culture and kitsch just spoke to me and the fangirl grew from there, my particular favourite? Well, you know me and my love for breakfast foods! So in the words of Ron Swanson, GIVE ME ALL THE EGGS AND BACON YOU HAVE!
Karen Mabon glassesKaren Mabon Bow
imageKaren Mabon Cafekaren mabon eggs
After Karen sparked my interests, I started to take note of other incredible British designers who were at the top of their scarf game. From Cleo Ferin Mercury to Silken Favours to Helen Ruth and the plethora of vintage that is waiting to be discovered! There is a beautiful scarf out there for everybody. Personally, I like to work with large square scarves but when they look this good every scarf purchase is the right one! Here’s a few of my faves…
Wrap your head in Scottish Folklore with Helen Ruth
Wrap your head in Scottish Folklore with Helen Ruth
All out Americana with Silken Favours
All out Americana with Silken Favours
These animal shaped scarves from Cleo Ferin Mercury look great from H2T

Whether it’s a turban, twisted, or wrapped up in a bow, there is a way to wrap your head to your liking and since myself and Honey Pop recently got our own YouTube, we thought we would have a blether about it!  As a step by step, lie the scarf out flat and fold either into a triangle or a rectangle, depending on if you want a full or a half headscarf. Make sure the labels are on the inside and pull around your head, tying the first knot at the front. Whichever way you want to do it, I always find it easier pulling back my hair first, then you can work with the best positioning for your head shape. If you are going for the bow, I suggest the two loops technique but if you can’t get it to sit right, Amanda’s knotted front works a charm! Check it out below!

Don’t be fooled by the one-take taping! Once mastered (and it does take a little bit of practice) it can honestly save you from even the worst of bad hair days. Now for some more scarf shopping, how do you wear your scarves?
forever yours betty

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  1. loved the video (and am obsessed with the jumper you were wearing in it Betty!) plus all the lovely scarves and your favorite brands <3


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