We’re all born with certain talents. Music, Sports, Maths, we’ve all got our strengths, mine? I’ve been born with a supernatural ability to shop. From starting Betty as a vintage shop with two friends all those years ago, it was a testament to our over crowded wardrobes to start selling clothes on eBay and fayres like Granny Would be Proud. Skip it forward a few years and out with the Ebay, in with the Depop.


Being a Shopping Junkie (see you at the next meeting yes?) Depop has been on my daily browsing for the past few months. Unless you’ve been double tapping with your eyes closed, you would have probably noticed people punting their wares and the app as a way to make and save money as well as make vital space in your wardrobe. Best described as when Instagram met Ebay, my addiction started off as a love affair with strangers wardrobes, now it’s become selling my own.


Breaking up may be hard to do but lets face it, yes, your in love with that House of Holland silk smock, those printed jeans that are two sizes too big and that incredible vintage personality piece but do you really need all these clothes that you don’t wear? True, selling online can be a hassle sometimes, but for now, it remains one of your best bets to send off that piece to an appreciative new home and earn some decent green in the process. In order to make the most of your listing, you must make the shopping process as Easy (with a capital E) for potential buyers as possible, aka, imagine your buyers are Lazy (with a capital L).


So, what’s the deal? First off you need to get your fingers to your local App store and download to your phone. It really is super easy to upload and start selling straight away, just make sure you hook it up to your Paypal first. The key to selling on Depop really is all in the photos you post. The most intreiging pictrures are usually the ones taken themselves, not straight off the H&M website. Find a space in your room which has good, natural light and a simple background. I struggle to find time to put each item on so found a quirky hanger from the Urban Outfitters sale to hang my items on. Before selling it’s worth having a scroll through the ‘Explore’ page to see which kinds of images are most popular so you can get a feel for the site, if Depop like you they may even feature you there!


Listing really is a walk in the park compared to back in the days of Ebay. Simple tap “sell”, take a picture or choose straight from your library, then add your description. Make sure you make it as clear as possible, remembering words you often search when finding things to buy. Set the price and choose your delivery options which include either post or meeting up in person, it really is that simple! Not only is Depop fantastic for getting shot of some of your old favourites, you can negotiate with other sellers to haggle or swap items too. You know what they say, one woman’s trash is anthers treasure!


Once you make a sale you get a few notifications to let you know. Depop charge 10% of the successful sale price from your Paypal after the cash has came through, but listing an item is free, so if your item doesn’t sell you don’t have to pay penny one! Once you’ve started selling, you can start keeping your eyes peeled for token pieces to add back into your wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, Depop prices are not a kin to your local car boot, especially for designer and vintage but there are definitely bargains to be had. It is pretty rare that I wear trainers but recently I’ve been hankering over a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s. After noticing their £12 rise in price in Office, I went to Depop and got a brand new pair for just £20 including postage. That is a £27 saving from the high street right there!


The trick with Depop is simple, follow people with wardrobes you admire and search through who they are following. Like instagram you can double tap to like or hit the side bar to save items you like to your bookmarks. So if you’re on depop selling things I can buy or have a favourite store or seller, please let me know so I can add to my addiction! Come on, we’re all

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enablers here….Follow me on Depop at @foreveryoursbetty.

forever yours betty


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I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.

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