Like just about every girl in the world, this is not my first bang. From side swept to full fat over my eyes, I tried a fair few styles to never find one that made me look as cool as Alexa Chung or as sexy as Betty Page. Every single time I asked for the dreaded cut at the salon, it would all go terribly wrong. You could go as far to say that the fear was real, that was until I met my salon match with #BLOW, Finnieston.


Talk to most of your girlfriends today, and you’re likely to hear similar tales of woe about “that time I got bangs” payday loans near me and how their visions of adorableness went horribly, horribly wrong. Well, our injustices project payday have not been suffered in vain, this Spring, #BLOW came up with the genius idea of instant payday network creating their very own BANG bar, with a fringe menu of 6 fringes and snipping isn’t even necessary if you aren’t ready to make the cut!


Bangs (or fringes if you want to use their Sunday name) are a simple and easy way to refresh your look. With a full drop down menu, lead stylist Fallon Carberry has curated payday loan her favourite fringes from soft floaty Bardot inspired wings to dramatic full-bodied looks. Blunt micro mini cuts sit along side more soft side swept styles payday loans in md letting you know there’s a fringe for everyone. Whether this is your first time dipping your toe into the fringe waters ace payday loans or you’re a long time hair styling veteran looking to shake up your style, BLOW can find the perfect look for just £8 a BANG!

IMG_7651.JPGIt honestly took me what feels like forever to go back to bang. Countless times I paydayloansnearmeus.com sat in BLOW, playing with my roll up fringe and asking pals for an opinion that would never change “yes, yes you should get bangs” they would always say. So, I finally took the plunge right before LFW and to be honest, never looked back! I never tried a micro fringe before so think it was really all about finding a shape that suits your face. I’ve always been a bit funny about my castle payday large forehead and if hair-maths tell us anything it’s that big foreheads are the perfect environment for bangs! I went for payday loans my first trim right before the Gusto restaurant launch in Glasgow last week, I went even shorter this time around and can’t help but feel the bang adds extra punch to my already infamous ginger locks. Good hair days all round eh? Cheers BLOW!

IMG_8347.JPGIMG_8343.JPGWearing: Top/Shorts: Lulu Trixiebelle Shoes: River Island Jacket: H&M,

Rucksack: New Look Watch: Caravelle, Ginger Brooch: Bonnie payday loans online Bling

As mentioned before, if your not quite ready to http://paydayloansonlinecaus.com/ bite the bullet BLOW also offer clip in fridges, cut and styled to fit your own style from £25. Using high quality, ethically sourced human hair clips, #BLOW will cut your clip in to your face shape, making sure your new fringe fits your colour, face shape and style. #BLOW really are fast becoming the champions of personal style in Glasgow. As well as being up for three seperate awards at this years Herald Look Awards 2015, they have some super exciting plans coming up in the Summer so watch this space and grab an appointment while you still can! So what d’ya say? Fancy joining the BANG gang?

forever yours betty

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About Betty

I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. Yea my 15 year old friend was not a good look! Made what is a pretty good jawline into something so round and ball shaped! The shorter way was definetely the best routue for me! x

  2. A bangs bar is a brilliant idea! I’ve had various styles of straight fringes since I was 13, but the only hair dresser I’ve evertrusted has stopped doing it now. So as a result, mine are looking sad and grown out – I haven’t even had a hair cut in two years, apart from a wee trim after I shaved it all off!

    If only I lived in Glasgow, Falkirk is too far away from all the fringey goodness! You look bloody glorious lady x

    Amii x

  3. Aw thanks so much Aimii, maybe the next time your in Glasgow you can book yourself in for a Bang and a Blow?! Their blow drys last for a week and its a great wee pick me up for your hair with all the conditioning treatments they use! Good luck on your new hairdresser quest! x

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