If I close my eyes and imagine my makeup bag, I can pretty much recite its contents by heart. These are my everyday essentials, my armour that I reach for when I need to face the day (or, let’s be honest, when my face needs a mid-afternoon pick-me-up). Of course make up is something I love to (try) and experiment with, but there are a few items that I simply cannot live without. This is my everyday makeup bag essentials.

Bettys make up bag

The Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are a funny thing, we’re obsessed about what actually goes inside them, spending a fortune on its contents but not even considering what little house they will live in. When you are carrying around such precious cargo, you need a makeup bag worthy of such things, which is why my make up lives in this gorge Lipstick bag from British  designer Emma Lomax.


There’s no makeup messier than an exploded liquid foundation, so stick versions are my favourite when on the go. They also tend to be heavier so it’s great for spot touching throughout the day. This stick from Sara Hill is a lifesaver, in fact, I think I’m due for a refill!

Compact Powder

I’m the kind of girl who can normally find the morning’s face lying around my chin area so a powder for me is a must have. I like a little bit of coverage in case it’s a concealer only day and this cruelty-free number from Kiko has been a lifesaver. It’s so good, I’ve pulled many of my ladies on the bandwagon. There’s even a Glasgow store that opened in the Fort too!

kieko powder

Lipstick (s)

Ok, I admit it. I always carry a dense lipstick wardrobe on me. I mean who knows what kind of mood will strike on a given day? Will it be a red-orange? Bright orange? Should I go glossy orange or matt orange? Girl needs choice dammit! But if I really need to cut it down to two, it would be Illamasqua Flare and Sara Hill Maralyn AKA. Orange.


Another essential from Kiko, this cream highlighter stick owes me no favours. I have literally wiped the branding off clean from everyday use. It’s champagne like frosty colour works perfectly for my pale skin and is also one of their best sellers! They have upped the packaging so hopefully, I will keep my new one intact!

orange betty


Some people do not consider blusher as an essential, but if I’m honest, it’s my second favourite piece of makeup after lipstick. For every day, I go to the Messiah of blushes. Yes, I’m talking Nars, Orgasm. Not only does it give the perfect glow on cheeks, but it also works wonders on eyes.


Another Sara Hill number (really, her  completely cruelty free collection is FABULOUS!) I love my little high pigment pot of Orange to take me from day to night. Some people carry pallets, but with the perfect combo of my Nars Orgasm and this little fireball, I’m ready for anything.

nars orgasm


I was never really brand loyal when it came to mascaras until I tried Lancome Hypnose. Another product totally worth the hype, this quick drying bad boy is my absolute favourite. Being a full-time glasses wearer, mascara is my only option for luscious lashes and this gives me them and then some.


Do you find yourself using your hands for makeup on the go? Naughty! We’re all guilty of a little finger application but when it comes to foundation and sensitive eye areas, it’s so important we don’t germ up our skin. I absolutely love Real Techniques brushes. Being synthetic, I feel they pick up and place more product where ‘natural’ animal hair seems retains within the bristles. If you are looking for affordable and dependable, there’s really no need to look further.

I’m always super curious as to what other woman carry in their everyday makeup bags. Especially the pieces they can’t live without! So Honey Pop and I decided to turn the curiosity on each other. After all, both of us have a similar complexion, so maybe we can teach each other something we don’t know. Or actually, then again maybe we can’t! Check out the new Colour Pop Girls vlog where we talk our everyday face essentials. What would you recommend I carry in my everyday bag?

 forever yours betty

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I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, at most I carry my Chanel foundation, a light powder, my only brush and lipstick I wore when I left. Possibly liquid eyeliner if I plan to do it the following morning


  2. Yea I’ve only started carrying round a mini make up bag recently, probably when I stopped putting make up on in the morning before work! ha! x

  3. Hey girls, really been enjoying watching your Vlogs and of course keeping up with your blogs, another great video, love that you focused on brands that perhaps aren’t as well known in most parts (certainly not Aberdeen anyway!)

    Hannah xx

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