We all have our favorite places — the one where we can crawl out of bed, throw on a jumper, and proceed to eat the perfect eggs in the hopes to cure hangovers and fill our tummys. But sometimes, you hear of a place slightly off your personal beaten track, with eggs so good that it’s worth the taxi from the West End. Southsiders you lucky bunch of bitches, you know I’m talkin’ Cafe Strange Brew.

Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow

Whoever thought brunch is a weekend exclusive thing was wrong. My love for eggs benedict holds no bounds and it’s almost a given that I’ll be ordering it when I see it on a menu. Since launching at the end of last year, Cafe Strange Brew has been taking over the internet with pictures of their oh so delicious Eggs Benedict with Chili Hollandaise. An epic taste sensation if I say so myself, the dish has stolen local’s hearts and bellys with it being a firm favourite on Instagram. Oh, and did I forget to mention, it has avocado.

Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow

As far as the rest of the menu goes, there are loads of things that catch my eye and appitite including baked eggs and probably the sluttiest french toast you have ever laid eyes on – it has cheese ontop – need I say more? I went for a wee side of beetroot hummus with dakkah flatbread, because, well, beetroot. I’m a sucker for it. I am really looking forward to try the sandwiches too, if they are even half as good as the brunch then I better get those driving lessons on the go quick smart. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of those places where food envy is simply the reality of visiting.

Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow

Apart from those eggs there are some other factors which to me, make the best in brunching. First is the coffee. Cafe Strange Brew pride themselves in making a serisously good cup of hot something, something. From the diverse range of teas to the rich blends of Glasgow’s favourite Dear Green Coffee, to the freshly baked scones, cakes and home made jam, it’s safe to say that every corner is covered and you would be stupid to not go ‘Strange.

Cafe Strange Brew Glasgow
Want to see for yourself? Visit Cafe Strange Brew on 1109 Pollokshaws Road from Tuesdays through to Sunday from 8am – 5pm. Definetely worth a visit wherever you may be, I know I want to keep Shawlands strange!

forever yours betty

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