Remember back in the day when you couldn’t imagine getting dressed without wearing a vest top? You probably paired it with a pair of cargo pants, beaded bracelets and threw a skirt on top for good measure. Just me? Didn’t think so. Goodbye is never really goodbye with such stylings. Trends come and go, and although we hoped this particular one would go away and never return, this blip in nostalgia has had a chic makeover. Today I’m talking return of the Skouser.


Skouser? Yes. A skouser is the love child from when skirt meets trouser. The 2016 remix takes away the sewn together aspect (thank God) and has been replaced with chic cut dresses and skirts worn on top of your favourite trousers. It’s amazing how effective this style choice can be for your outfit game. I paired this cocoon dress from Boohoo with some classic white trousers from Boden, at first for no other reason apart from the fact it was cold that day. But when I flung on my wooly Mink Pink coat, the feeling of being a walking ice cream based dessert has never been so strong. Who knew I’d accidently be reviving a trend from times that should be forgotten and actally like it?! It was a surprise to me as well.

IMG_9728orange hair bettyIMG_9726

I know what you are thinking if ever there was a trend that threatened to come back, why would it be this one?! This is most likely because back then, the combinations — boot-cut denim with babydoll dresses, GV jeans with a cami dress or cargo pants with a wrap dress — were pretty sick and wrong to begin with. But I think this is because we didn’t really get it right in the first place. The only way I can reason it, is thinking that it was a trend that caught wind too soon and we didn’t really understand how to werk it. So, to get it right the second time around, it’s about pairing classic shapes and colours together and simple accessories. Spikey hair and star bracelets need not apply.

IMG_9724Betty ootd Betty mink pink

Coat: Mink Pink, Trousers: Boden, Dress: Boohoo, Necklace: Pip Jolley, Glasses: IOLLA

I’m really glad that this cold day mistake provided me with a sleeker way to recreate this infamous Naughties look. It’s something that I was sure got lost within the MySpace days of your, but I’m glad it’s been given the makeover it deserves. Will you be rocking the skouser  anytime soon?

forever yours betty

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