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It is funny that Triumph as been erm… ‘supporting’ payday loans fresno ca women’s assets since the year I was born. This year, they are going that one step further and completely changing one lucky lady’s life by kick starting her career with a £10,000 grant and priceless mentoring from some of the industry’s most influential and inspiring. I caught up with local nominee Jenni Martin of Jenivieve Berlin Millinery to get to know the woman behind the hat and what winning would mean to payday loans houston her and her business.

JB_logo_web Hi Jenni, I’ve been a fan of your hats for sometime! How did you get into millinery? instant payday loans I got into millinery or what I now know is millinery when I was quite young. My Nana taught me to sew online payday loans and knit when I was 6, so I have always been interested in making garments and accessories. My sisters and I danced, payday 2 cheats and I made the costumes at about 14. With the costumes guaranteed payday loans came the elaborate and outrageous head gear and I suppose that’s when I started my millinery adventure. My Aunty is a silver smith (Helen Swan Jewellery), she allowed me to experiment with different materials like soft wire and copper in her home workshop when I was about 11. I think this is wear I acquired my enthusiasm for alternative materials. I always try to use unconventional methods, and irregular materials I my headwear, I feel payday loans this adds another dimension. I am still learning. My technical ability will always be an area for me to work on as I have had no formal training. Practice makes perfect, and I am improving everyday. jenivieve-berlin-grungecake-thumbnail-728x513 Wow! It certainly seems like creativity and style runs in the family! What has been your biggest achievement so far? During London Fashion Week SS13 I worked with Philip Treacy. I was on the production team in his workshop for three months before the show working on several key pieces along with the rest of the team. The reason california payday loans I feel like this is my greatest achievement is because I worked payday loans online so hard to gain this placement. The work was intense and high volume, a true glimpse into the industry, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on and at the biggest show during fashion week. jenivieve-berlin-grungecake-thumbnail-5 What is your all time favourite piece that you have created? All time favourite is a really tough one… I am a bit of a magpie, I love anything and everything sparkly! Swarovski crystals are a personal favourite of mine, and I try to encrust as many pieces as I can afford from each collection. I think my favourite piece has good to be from my AW12 collection Lace&Chain. It consists of a black lace motif veil covered in smoked topaz crystals, with an assortment of vintage feathers billowing out of the side. It was a show stopper on the catwalk, and was used by several stylists. Its sensual, sexy, and dark, my favourite themes! It is a truly indulgent couture piece. SONY DSC Who is the JMB Girl? JBM girl is a girl who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She’s a rebel, an alternative, a punk at heart. JBM is all about making a statement. The label embodies extroverted unconventionality; it is a means of self expression. Its all about the detail and a JBM girl will understand that making a statement doesn’t always have to be in your face. It’s a fun, energetic brand, not aimed just at young women, but all women who want to veer away from conventional millinery. The JBM girl wants to break the mould, and is willing to experiment with her style.

image_1364329177977127-598x448The JBM Girl – Betty with my JBM Beanie – I will be investing in a new colour this winter!

Yea, that sounds about right! So what would winning The Stylist Maker mean to you?

Winning the Stylist Makers award would be unbelievable. Its. The fashion industry is cut throat, and unfortunately in the beginning can often depend on how much money you have behind you. If you want to get noticed you must show at fashion week or pay for PR. Having some funding would allow me to take my business to the next level, allow me to hire a studio space, and by better equipment, as well as offer internships to young women in fashion. It would ace payday loans be a dream come true, and I want to win so much I feel myself thinking about it all the time. My business means the world to me, and I desperately want to develop it and turn it into a career. Winning the Makers competition would give me the platform that I am yearning, and catapult JBM into the big time. 554678_464358300260266_1556867592_n And lastly, what does Autumn / Winter 13 bring for JBM? I’m currently working on my next collection, I’m not saying anymore… I’m planning on having a show in a East London venue at the end of November/ beginning of December. It payday advance will be London’s introduction to Jenivieve Berlin. After relocating from Glasgow to London a few months ago and being run off my feet with the race season and summer wedding commissions I finally have some time to promote the brand! So watch this space, JBM will be going LIVE at the end of the year. I’ve got both the Scottish Fashion Awards and Fashion’s Finest Awards in which I am nominated for Accessory designer of the year, which I’m very excited about! Apart from that I shall be showing on the Off Schedule during usa payday loans London Fashion week in February. All-in-all I run of my feet, onwards and upwards! Representing Scottish Fashion all the way! You should be so proud of what you have achieved Jenni, Scotland is so proud of you and we wish you all the best in the competition! 1185707_692583340771093_951508951_n

The Woman herself – VOTE – Jenni Martin <3

You can vote for Jenni HERE and have a look at all the other nominees here. It is amazing to see some incredible Scottish talent making the cut. Show your support for our ladies Jenni Martin, Rebecca Torres (interview by my girl Bee here), Mahiri McDonald and Mee Mee Couture and show the world we are more than Tartan! Mon’ yersel’ ladies and get supportin’! 20130228-224101

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  1. Got my vote! Didn’t realise there were so many Scottish people in it! Jenni is so interesting too! Great post x

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