Remember that time I started a petition to allow dogs on the Glasgow subway? No? Let me rewind. Little over 7 months ago, I became a first time baby Mumma to my little French Bulldog, Olive. She was so teeny, happy and well behaved right from the get go and I was so excited to show her round all the dog friendly places in Glasgow, that was until SPT barred her, of course.


Sneaking on the subway since she was barely 14 weeks old, Olive sat oh so patiently inside an orange Sunjellies basket until we left the tube. Assuming this was a “secure container” I had no idea that the Glasgow Subway rules differed from every other mode of transport, not to mention other major city tubes. Unlike the train, the bus, the ferry, the tram and some planes, dogs have to be completely covered in a crate or container to jump aboard. Different staff seemed to have different opinions of what was deemed secure and what wasn’t.  Some said a bag, some said not at all, some would say it was because of allergies, while other said  security or hygiene, basically there was no clear straight answer until the final straw. Olive and I had our final warning as she sat chill in her orange plastic comfort zone. We were no longer welcome on the Glasgow Subway.


A doglegs subway is a lonely subway

Some may say that it shouldn’t be so terrible to completely cover your pet. For me, it is simply too distressing to put my little Olive in a fully enclosed space. When anyone sees a pet in distress, it creates an uncomfortable environment for everyone, in comparison to the happy faces she creates while smiling away on the Glasgow shoogle. From London to Paris, New York to Berlin, dogs are allowed on the underground as long as they are on a lead or bag and handled by a responsible owner. The subway has always had the right to refuse entry to any rowdy person, so surely they can apply the same rule to dogs? I felt enough was enough, and such a weird rule should be challenged. So I started a petition.


Enjoying a visit to dog friendly salon #BLOW


Family visit to the Drug Store Social in Finnieston

Over a month after launching the petition, the support to loosen the rules on dogs has been incredible. With over 1,500 signatures and the support of 2 city councillors, we are one step closer to becoming a more pet friendly city. I mean, it seems only fitting since we just took the vegan title! In December, I will be attending the SPT Operations meeting to take the case further with the help of Jack Harty and his three legged beauty, Sasha. After laying the groundwork,  ‘Dogs on the Subway’ will be officially added to the agenda and I couldn’t be more delighted. IT COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN FOLKS!


The offending Sunjellies bag by the incredible Victoria Young Photography 

Rules are created to keep people safe, I get that, but when the world is moving forward in one direction, it just makes sense to go with it. The Glasgow Subway’s primal location is the West End which is full to the gunnels of parks and dog friendly establishments. So let’s stop getting in the way of people enjoying our city with furry friends and make a change for the future. Do you want to see more dogs on the subway? Sign the petition if you agree! #JusticeForOlive #SashaontheSubway.

forever yours betty

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  1. Signed way at the start and often wondered how you got on, from one doggy lover to another, well done! X

  2. Well I’m guessing it wasn’t put on their agenda, because almost a year since the petition started and almost 6 months since meeting with SPT Operations and we are no furthe forward.

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