So, apparently it is National Cheeseburger Day (yes cheeseburger specifically, hamburger day is 27th of August, obvs) and with many burger joints poppin up in and around Glasgow, I thought I would do a wee post giving the heads up on who I think does the best patty in the city ala James VS. Burger. Be sure to check him out for all the burgers in all the cities!


First up, can you put your hands together for the Meathammer Ltd.


Image from Nice n’ Sleazy Facebook

The Glasgow institution Nice and Sleazies gives you an array of burgers with toppings any food lover would dribble over. I love that pretty much everything comes with cheese and a side of good tunes. Oh and one more thing, Triple fried fries.

A great midweek choice is good ol’ Cocktail and Burger.


Image from Cocktail and Burger Facebook

This place has the whole thing figured out. Great cocktails, better burgers and litre carafes of wine for a tenner. Do you need anything else?

My third choice would have to be the Glasgow newbe: Burger Meats Bun.


Image from Burger Meats Bun Facebook

Burger Meats Bun is small with a lovely atmosphere, adorable fast food style presentation and a stripped back menu. They make a mean brioche that keeps in tact till the last bite. My only moan? It’s pretty expensive for the portion size (take away and sit in) but so definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been yet! I love the cute illustrations!

Don’t forget you will get all the burgers and more if you hit up the Kiltr Street Food Fest which is coming back for the 4th, 5th and 6th of October. With the success of the last festival – and the fact that I apparently missed out on the best burger of all time – I may even hit up a few days. Just a wee note to add into your diaries!


Hope you all have a great burger today, I’ll be hittin up one of these bad boys for my tea, although I do wish that the Fashion Week Pop Up ‘McFancy’ rolled out as a permanent fixture!  McFancy was an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store that launched at Fashion Weeks around the globe  a few years back — traditional McDonald’s menu but packaged in a way that makes a playful yet stylish nod to fashion lovers everywhere. I’ll have a double Burberry burger if you please…



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  1. I’m in bloody Paris for the street food thing! gutted! Well not that gutted I’m pretty sure they have burgers in Paris ;) love the post!

    Kisses xxx

  2. Sheri how on earth are you so trim?! I envy your metabolism!
    Bought that pink fluffy h&emo jumper. Big thanks to you <3

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