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So I touched base about Scottish Style Award Nominee The Rodnik Band in the last post, but I simply couldn’t just leave it there. Wearable art you say? Philip Colbert you crazy son of a gun – you are right up ma alley!


philThe Rodnik Band was named after a Moscow store founded in the early 20th century (of course!). Not wanting to be known as just another fashion label, Colbert bases his designs on pop culture, humour and the view as fashion being a form of performance art. The fact that he encourages people to hang their clothes like art warms my wee cockles as this is something I have always done with my ‘wardrobe’ favourites! From Brasso Skirts to Chicken Dresses, who wouldn’t want to dress as inanimate objects on an everyday basis?



My work walks a humorous line between fashion and art, I like the idea that my clothing is taken off the wall and worn, that each style expresses an artistic idea that is accessible and makes a thoughtful statement. I feel that fashion’s greatest value is in fantasy and escapism. For me humour is a powerful tool to push understanding and encourage a thoughtful approach to clothing.

ALL PRAISE PHILIP! There is a guy after my own heart. Colbert keeps his tongue firmly placed in his cheek with pieces like the Urinal Dress – inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 famous piss take (heheh) urinal artwork, “Fountain” and the Ham Bag – yes – the Ham Bag!
stTHE RODNIK BAND meat dress chess dress banana dress


I am waving the Rodnik Flag like a crazy person at the Scottish Style Awards, its about time that Colbert gets the recognition he deserves in his own country. I strongly suggest you go have gander round the website for some of your favourites. I am keeping a very firm eye on the new Snoopy Inspired Collection, not to mention daydreaming of swanning around in my very own Boiled Egg Dress with matching Shark bag…. GET OUT OF MY HEAD RODNIK!



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