For the past year or so, I have been getting into trouble for the way I ‘abuse’ my nails. Going to places like ‘USA Nails’ on a monthly basis for Gels, I would get shrieks whenever I dared mention where they were done! Now I know why. When you find a good manicurist, there really is nothing like it, it would be like going to Supercuts and expecting the best cut! Just doesnae happen until you find ‘the one’ which I have luckily found in Lia from Swoon Nails.

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You walk in like going round to a pals house, on goes the kettle and welcomed in for a wee gossip. It feels like I’ve known Lia for years as we gas through the appointment, bitching about boys and what’s on at the weekend. There are many special things about Lia, her ability to inspire, her talent is incredible but there is one thing that she has which not many nail technicians have – a Calgel qualification!

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What is Calgel I hear you ask? Basically, it’s a soak off UV gel polish that is applied with a small paintbrush on the nail. It is cured with a UV lamp between layers to instantly dry the product, the layers are thin so the overall result isn’t thick and ‘bubbly’. The great thing about Calgel is its resistance and movement, it wont shatter the way gels do and brighten right up with a wee topcoat every week. I’ve been twice so far to Swoon and after 3 and a half weeks my nails were outgrown – but in pristine condition! I was curious to see how they removed as my nails used to be so dry and weak after Gels so I headed back for a new style to celebrate attending The Scottish Style Awards and these are the results! My nails have never looked or felt better…

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I can honestly say I  have never loved my hands more! The new slight stiletto shape (my natural nails btw) is really flattering and a much welcomed change to the speedy half arsed attempts I have had in the past! It has also made me keep an eye out for new colours, styles and what DIY Nails Decals I want to try next! Who wants to be a plain Jane when you can have glasses on your nails 24/7?! Please do take a wee visit to Swoon Nails Facebook page and follow @swoonnails on Instagram and Twitter and have a wee chat to Lia, she’ll love the blether and you can book an appointment. She is only open Wed – Sat so appointments get snapped up quick, and are you surprised?! Betty loves you Lia! What do you think of my Swoon Nail makeover?


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  1. Wow – Lia is super skilled, your cute trademark glasses are beautifully painted on. I never get my nails done but this has tempted me.
    Just discovered your blog (through Bee Waits) and now following. xx


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