Well, with only 3 days till the drop you’d think that I’d have been all over this like a Sausage Supper but if I’m honest I’m a little underwhelmed about Versace’s next collection with H&M

Versace Sleepwear?
Jersey Dress

If you weren’t into the boldness of the last collection this Cruise Collection was apparently made for you. (Yea, Thanks a whole bunch). With the magic of a great photographer, model and stylist most things can be transformed in a photograph. Take this pink tank top, looks great paired all together but really your just spending extra time and money for something that WONT make you look like this every time you put it on.

(Aint so special on its lonesome eh?!)

Yes, Yes, the print is, cute…on Abby Lea Kershaw but I just don’t see whats so special, apart from her of course…


Matching Combo, Cute Shoes though!

I do get its called the Cruise Collection, but it just doesn’t have the same luxurious feel as the last one. The accessories are a bit stronger but I’m still not quite sold…



If your intae this one, crack of dawn in duffel coats is not necessary but those fingers will need a strong breakfast on the 19th of January as the collection will only be available online. If H&M’s website has shown us anything, it’ll be crashed by 9:15am MAX so make sure you have plenty of patience in tow. Am I just being overly critical or are you into this sugary sweet Versace?

Forever yours,

Betty xoxo

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