Oh its coming alright! I know its still all dreich outside, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know whats coming!! I was so excited when I saw the new H&M Summer Look book modelled by the Swedish Stunnur Frida Gustavsson, that broad sure knows how to rock a quiff…

….I hate to say it but if you ever were to see me in a bomber jaikit, this would be the badger. I love the luxe quilted fabric and the contrast maroon collar, cuffs and zipper.
I haven’t even seen the front of this dress and I’m already sold. Sugary Sweet with that touch of drama.
This is also an interesting take on the bomber jaikit. (Yes, bombers can never be referenced in a plain English context) It looks a lot more tailored but keeps the retro feeling that H&M does so well. I wish I could pull off those hot pants…
*Sigh* Damn my legs. This makes such a cute-suit. Who said Sporty isn’t for the girly girls?!


If I really think about it, I think H&M is my most shopped in shop. Their limited collection never fails to bring classics into my wardrobe for years of wear and excellent quality. I have a feeling that this collection will bring smiles to all shapes and sizes bringing a modern touch to some classic influences.


PEPLUMS!!!!! It is ALL about the peplums for me. In the past 4 months I have purchased 4 H&M peplum tops. Already they owe me nothing. This pastel pink one will be no exception. Price estimate? £34.99. Betty is off to Amsterdam tomorrow, is it wrong that I want to bring 3 of them for a 5 day trip??  You’ll have to wait and see what I decide when I report back next week!

Forever yours,

Betty xoxo

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