I know, I know, it seems like most of my posts are about diffusion ranges but I simply just cant help myself! And since I am recoupperating from Amsterdam (more next post) I thought i’d just let you know about Jason Wu for Target. These lines have finally made it achievable to own a piece of history as well as an item you will love forever…or sell for a mighty profit after its debut. Whatever your reasoning, Betty thinks that Jason Wu’s Spring/Summer collection for Target will be next on your want lists as much as it is on mine….

I love that the clothes are simple, chic but most of all wearable. Most of my capsule range purchases are quite extravagant pieces which don’t get much wear. It makes me sad to see such beautiful items sit in a cupboard, that’s why I sometimes like to just hang them on the handles just so I can span across my room and see something beautiful! They don’t scream DESIGNER RANGE as much as say the Versace lines but that’s not Jason Wu’s style…no sirree bob. His vision? Milu the Cat and American girl in Paris. Obviously.

Launching on February the 5th, I am absolutely GUTTED that Target haven’t hauled their asses to the UK yet…In saying that I have Auntie and Cousin Swollock to possibly help a girl out but some serious decisions have to be made! My eyes are on Target.com which is hopefully a little bit studier than H&M’s!

Obviously the kitty scarf is a given, but the sheer shirts have taken my heart as well as pretty much all of the skirts. As you can tell I am a big fan. I love the demure high collared blouses and lady like tailoring. The powder blue cardi has also caught my eye, as well as the extremely reasonable pricing as items range from £20 to £60!!

Wu, We thank you..

Forever yours, Betty xoxo

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  1. Thank you! I really appriciate it, I have a great time writing it! Trying to spread the word and make 2012 the year of Betty. Thanks so much for reading! x p.s love a good watch fetish!

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