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In a few months, a soul mate of Swollocks – Iona – will be haul assing up Machu Picchu in Peru for Action For Children and then on towards helping out some local communities in South America. Never been the girl to ask for anything, Iona has came up with many different fund raising ideas from something nice in the post, washing cars and selling her possessions but now she has herself and her abundance of Crafty Hawners!!!!

Can ah get ah TROMBOLALALA!!!!

Crafters from across the country have been expressing their sense of community by donating some really fantastic prizes to help her reach her £4,000 target. Here are some that Betty has her eye on!

Sandra Dieckmann / Print
Yellow Owl Workshop / Bird Stamp Set
Valentines Card shopping over and out!
Vintage Polariod Camera
Signed rachel Sermanni EP – Worth a fortune someday soon!
Wolfbones Cross Stitch Card
Gemma Correll / Pugs not Drugs / Tote Bag
Oh Deer / Alice Potter / Print

All you need to do to enter is send your desired amount (£2 for one ticket, £8 for five!) to hello@wolfbones.com via Paypal and Iona will send you your lucky number. You can also click HERE to see what else the Trombolala has to offer, whats been snatched up so far AND the actual winning ticket numbers! It could be YOU!

For her inspiring stories and anecdotes please check out her blog cantscansdreamsplans.blogspot.com and if you or your company would like to sponsor her just visit her just giving account. Remember, this isn’t to pay for the trip to take her to South America, this is for Action for Children, which is a cause very very dear to her heart, please give generously, £2 cannae even buy a pint these days! GET GIVIN and help a good Glasgow girl realise her dreams of spreading her love about the world.





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