It’s funny when you hear so much about a new make up brand that you know you’ll love it even before you try it. With a million and ten cosmetic lines popping up around the internet I know you must be thinking, ffffffsake even more to choose from, but no, this one is different. I promise!  Max Factor may claim to be the ‘make up of make up artists’ but this is legit the make up line made by one of the most accomplished make up artists in the bis. Of course I’m talking Charlotte Tilbury launching in House of Fraser, Glasgow.

My Vintage Vixen face by Grace Sloan, MUA Charlotte Tilbury
My Vintage Vixen face by Grace Sloan, MUA Charlotte Tilbury

Counting Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, and Penelope Cruz as her go to clients, it was only a matter of time Charlotte Tilbury made her own cosmetics line, making sure to channel all of the tips and  tricks that make her so amazing into each and every product. I have always called myself a ‘shit girl’ when it comes to make up, in that, I’m not very good at it. Sure, I have like 3 looks NAILED – with and without eyeliner – but what I love most about this collection is that Charlotte believes that you shouldn’t need to be good at the application for the make up to look good on your face.

 “become your own fabulous makeup artist. You’re not the expert, the product is the expert and it does the work for you.”

With that motto in mind, Tilbury made sure that all the items, from brushes to liquid liners, were total no-brainers — either in their design, or through her custom created looks to suit ever face – 10 to be exact – from Rock Chic inspired by Kate Moss to Golden Goddess ala Giselle. Whether shopping instore or online, each product has a how-to video that teaches you exactly how to use each product encase you need that extra tutorial off counter. After my makeover from her top MUA’s, Grace Sloan, I couldn’t wait to try out some products without the professional. And boy have I been impressed. Ima gonna have to apologise to your overdraft in advance, a beauty spree is a must if not a necessity with it comes to my top products!


The Magic Cream

Does exactly what it says in the tin. All great make up starts with a great canvas and this moisturiser is like nothing I’ve seen before. I keep it specifically to my pre make up ritual and still using my faithful night oils in the evening, but by God does it work for good application! Perfect for all skin types, it works wonders on my sensitive combination skin.



Wonder Glow Primer

To be used right after the Magic Cream has dried in, this proclaimed ‘Gisele in a Jar’ works wonders in creating that soft focus glow. As someone who is very used to being super pale all year round, this adds a wonderful duey healthy base to the skin before foundation, which to be honest, I’ve been wearing a lot less since wearing these two!


Light Wonder Foundation

With a gorgeous buildable coverage and perfect shades of all skin tones of the rainbow, I think I have found the perfect go to foundation for pale skin. With a light and a heavier coverage if needed, Tilbury has created the perfect consistency with a little going an oh so long way.


That packaging though...
That packaging though…

Bronze and Glow

I cannot remember the last product I was this enthusiastic about. I would go as far to say it is my favourite thing in my whole make up collection right now. If I could bathe in it, I really would. The Bronze and Glow hasn’t just swept the beauty lovers across the internet off their feet, but make up artists around the world too. With it’s perfect bronze warming up complections to the candlelit highlight, it’s buildable formula makes it an absolutely DREAM to work with. Expensive? Maybe. Regardless, my cheekbones and I are very, very thankful.


Clay Mask

Last, but by no means least is the wonder that is the clay mask. I went years without taking good care of my skin and I feel like this clay mask is making up for lost time. Worn just for 10 mins, this is the mask to end all other masks, changing the texture of your skin to somewhat of a Goddess, or baby’s bum, whatever analogy you prefer. This is now my weekly ritual and 2 weeks in, I’m noticing a change in how long my make up lasts, leaving my face smooth, glowy and hydrated, Tilbury you Queen you.


My Charlotte Tilbury face at home (with orange touches!)
My Charlotte Tilbury face at home (with orange touches!)

I think it’s very safe to assume that this is just the beginning of my love affair with Charlotte Tilbury make up. Next on my list? It has to be the perfect flick ‘sharpie for the eyes’ eyeliner. If it’s just as easy to use as the rest of her lines, you may as well call me a convert already. Cruelty free, packaged in rose gold perfection paying homage to her love of art deco and burleque, you can tell each product has come from her heart, and her head full of knowledge!  Overall it does come with a luxury price tag, but for once I’m all up for giving Charlotte all my money. This stuff works people! Shop the full 100 product strong collection available from the stunning new counter at House of Fraser, Glasgow. Be prepared to fall in love with make up all over again! Will you be giving Charlotte Tilbury Make Up a try?

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  1. Love it! Would you consider writing a post on makeup for super pale skin? I’m interested in trying the light wonder foundation, but it looks a bit dark on the Charlotte Tilbury site. Because it has been so hard to find a shade that works, I often go without. Maybe I’ll try the primer alone…

  2. The primer alone is amazing, and shade 1 of light wonder is great for me! She’s a ginge herself so she knows the struggle is real! Will do a post on my favourite skin soon! X

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