So, we have to talk about the pyjama trend. I don’t know about you, but my pajama drawer is one scary place. First of all, it’s filled to the brim and I wish I could say full of sexy sets and satin slips, but no, of course, it’s the opposite. Really, it’s like a black hole of old Christmas PJs, band tees and comfy joggers I should have got rid of a LONG time ago. So when I caught a glimpse of all these stunning silky pyjama sets hitting the streets I knew this was something I was ready to get into bed with. I mean come on, pyjamas like this are far too cute to be stuck in between the sheets!


Remember those memes you laughed at that with that girl in Asda, doing her late night shopping in her onesie? Turns out, she may have had the right idea after all! No longer just a lazy, far-fetched fantasy, pyjama-inspired clothing has gotten the designer seal of approval. From the runway to the streets, pyjamas have become one of the top trends of the season — and I for one couldn’t be more on board. Working from home, I have the pleasure of spending most of my day typing away in my pants or pyjamas that aren’t even real pyjamas. So seeing all these gorgeous prints and styles around that are you know, pretty, I have been dying to create an actual pyjama section in my non-pajama drawer. From printed robes to cute sleep shirts and matching sets, the world of pyjamas is sooo underrated, and as a real “adult,” it’s time to take advantage, so a full fry up two piece it was then. Obvs!


Of course, the first woman to make me want to step foot outside with my PJ’s on would be Karen Mabon. Yes, the same Karen Mabon I gush about every few months has branched into the pyjama game, or ‘Sleepwear’ as she likes to call it. Before I had even seen the range, I knew that this would be a collection that needed, no, DESERVED to be seen and appreciated outside the bedroom. And boy, I wasn’t wrong. I could hardly choose between the classic cuts and colours, from forest fawns to cats and even one night in Vegas, Karen yet again fulfills our fantasies that now we can turn into outfit reality. But at the end of the day, for me it was all about that Regency Cafe, paired with my Luna on the Moon fried egg, natch. Go big or go home, right?


Any comfortable fashion trend is something I am gonna get onboard with, but what I really love about PJ’s is the many wears you can wear them before taking them to bed. The key is baby steps. If you don’t feel comfortable going full throttle and strutting our in your matching set, why not pair your silk shirt over jeans and a heel or wear the trousers with a classic tee or oversized knit? All I know is comfort has never felt this sexy and the fun is only just beginning as this trend is going nowhere! Will you be daring the great outdoors with your PJs?

forever yours betty

Thanks to Kayti Peschke for the Fabulous photos, as seen in October’s Caboodle Magazine, pick up your copy NOW!

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