There’s always those days where I look at my overloaded wardrobe and say those inevitable words “I’ve got nothing to wear”. It’s in these situations that we have to turn to the classics in our wardrobe, and if you are anything like me, you have a few of them too. When I am searching for an easy to wear off duty style, there’s nothing that’s more simple (and effective) than having a cup of Americana served up with staples almost everyone has. I’m talking the beloved Converse, of course.


I know what you may be thinking, jeans and Cons,  *YAWN* but not all jeans and Converse are created equal. There are not many shoes in this world that you can say you’d wear over and over from birth, till death do you part. And in this case, that statement couldn’t be truer for Converse. I’ve literally had a pair (not the same ones, we all know those woes) for over half my life and when it comes to footwear, it really doesn’t get more classic than a pair of Chucks. They’re one of the few kicks everyone and their mother can rock (especially my Mumma) adding the perfect effortless touch to that tried-and-true combo. So on days where I feel I don’t know what to throw on, I hit them up with different denims for that all American realness.


A pair of Converse to amp up your outfits cool factor isn’t a new thing — fashion-girls, musicians, and just about every other personality has been wearing them into to the ground for decades. Lately, sneaks have become the shoe of choice, but it’s not just limited to the classics anymore. “Ugly” variations, like Yeezy’s plus brands I don’t even know how to name, plus all the brands that tried to knock Converse off its throne as the It sneaker, which let’s face it, it’s never gonna happen guys.


There’s something about denims and Chuck’s that adds such comfort. Sure flung on with a tee you think your look couldn’t be more basic, but pair it with some 501’s and a handful of gel and you got yourself a look James Dean would approve of. Or, if like me, your face is too round for the slick back, you could pair it with a body, choker and a statement bomber like this classic from Hayley Scanlan. You know that you made a good purchase when it gets brought out at least 20 times each season since purchase!

imageimageimageJacket: Hayley Scanlan, Top: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Converse, Bag: BHS, Choker: Topshop, Sunnies: IOLLA

Denim is something I always get a lot of wear out of, but since the Vetements tones and cuts have been set loose this season, I’ve been going wild for it! Let’s face it, Converse look good with so much more than jeans, but a pair of high tops with a two step ripped edge? That’s new style Americana at it’s finest. No matter what kind of jeans you wear, style them up with some classic hi or low tops for some instant feel good fashion. What do you think of jeans and cons? Overdone or not done enough?

forever yours betty

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