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There’s nothing that feels better than a fresh new doo. Whether it’s a break up, a new job or just a whim that has got you into that chair, when you leave you feel empowered, touching every strand after every swoosh. That is, unless you can’t get an appointment for love nor money! Which is why we thanked the hair Gods when our favourite cult salon opened up a second set doors in Glasgow’s Southside. This is your one stop good hair day, this is #BLOW SHAWLANDS.


I  don’t know about you, but my hair is my thing. For years I experimented with different cuts, colours and styles, but never really felt like ‘me’ until I found my signature tangerine locks. Your hair can say a lot about you, whether you are quiet, loud or bubbly, there’s a unique beauty look just waiting to be discovered, and no doubt you will find it at #BLOW. From slick, multi toned Skandi blondes to full on head of rainbows, #BLOW have always been the go to salon to help you match the outside with your inside. Ever since launching on the Finnieston Strip little over two years ago, #BLOW gained supreme social standing as the hair salon du jour. With their ever expanding awards shelf, Bang and Braid bars to THOSE glitter roots, #BLOW have been helping you march to the beat of your own drum with inner flashes of colour, or problem solving when you want (or need) that dramatic change. What’s even more exciting is that they are ready to pass on their knowledge (and, lets face it, voodoo) to hairdressers and enthusiasts alike within their Training Academy within the new salon on Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands.


Even though I know I love having orange hair. #BLOW have really helped my hair journey by constantly trying different mixes and tones so I don’t get bored – which for a while I was. From two tones split fringe, a fiery orange to yellow dip dye to a peachie keen dream, there’s not an orange toned look they’ve tried on me which I haven’t loved. Which is a pretty big statement from the girl who avoided hairdressers for the best part of 6 years! So much so, this year I even let them chop my hair off! It is safe to say you are in great hands with #BLOW.


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I have always loved visits to the original Finnieston salon with the bright white walls and splashes of colour, but the new Shawlands space definitely stole the Pinterest biscuit. Taking everything up a notch, the new salon keeps the bar style theme with added gloss and sophistication, even including a beautiful Narnia style garden to sit out in on sunny days while you let your colour develop in style. Last week (after the maaaajor #BLOWout party!) I headed to the new Southside salon to try their new afternoon tea service with signarture #BLOWdry. In association with one of my favourite eateries along the road – Cafe Strange Brew – you and your pals can get together and gas away over a DELICIOUS handmade afternoon tea with bouncy #BLOWdry for just £35 per person. Along with the complimentary cocktails as standard, #BLOW is making a trip to the hairdressers social again.




So if you’re all business at work but a raging dance machine at the weekend, get yourself to #BLOW to get the beauty look to match your personality. What’s it gonna be – one of a kind balage or even a hidden fantasy splash? You decide and #BLOW will take you there, whatever venue you choose, all I know is after the first visit, you’ll be going there often! Follow #BLOW on Facebook for all updates.

Call #BLOWFINNIESTON: 0141 222 2062 / #BLOWSHAWLANDS: 0141 6329436 to make your appointment.

forever yours betty

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  1. I currently have pink and orange tropical cocktail hair, but thinking of upgrading to a purple smokestack in Winter. I’m overdue a visit to Scotland… *rubs hands together like a Scoopy Doo villain*

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