If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe, drawers, corners, hell, floor is overflowing with clothes you have amassed throughout the years. There’s no judgement here: my clothing / handbag / makeup collections have gotten just slightly out of control, too — and no matter how much I try to clear the bumff out, I can’t seem to part with items I hold close to my heart. Which seems to be just about everything.

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Thoughts of hoarding usually include some pretty extreme (and totally rational) images like stacks of old newspapers, car engines and a whole load of cats. But selective hoarding is something I have been mastering since I was young. To some, what I have may be slightly problematic, but really I think I’ve got my predictions down to a fine art. The way I think about it, is fashion always takes a full circle, so why get rid of the good stuff that is sure to come back? Don’t think of how much you paid, think how much life you have left to give it. If you’re not ready to give something up – don’t. Let your fashion conscience be your guide, and if you your old love are ‘done’ for the last time, just make sure you swap, donate or recycle accordingly. Every womans trash is anothers treasure afterall!
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I got this super cute lampshade skirt from Primark about 5 years ago. It was Primarni at it’s best, a structured cotton mini with some sort of beachy landscape painted all over. It has lasted through many a wardrobe clear out, dodging the maybe pile at times mainly for two reasons: 1) I hadn’t worn it in over a year and 2) it is the least Scottish weather appropriate item to potentially be worn again. So when we developed a mini day long heat wave in the city centre, I decided it was high time to take her out for a breather, for old times sake. I don’t care that it was from Primark, or the fact it only cost £5, there is so much life in the old girl yet!

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Skirt and Jacket: Primark, Top: New Look, Sandals: Dorothy Perkins, Watch: Caravelle 

 My denim jacket is another staple that I’ll never throw out. Next stop for this bad boy is the land of patches and fabric paint. Is there anything in your wardrobe you’d rather die than throw out?

forever yours betty


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  1. You can’t beat a bit of Primarni- some of their stuff is so beautiful it mixes seamlessly with vintage or more expensive clothes. Primark is my forever love. <3 How DID I live without it??

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