It’s been a fair wee while since I’ve showcased some shit hot Scottish design on here. And although we’re in Tropical Storm season here in Scotland, everyone knows it won’t be long till the chill returns and we need to pull out dem jumpers again. Don’t worry if you think last season’s cable knit won’t cut the mustard, Aberdeen based designer Aymee Charlton has got you covered (and cosy too !).


Forget about Fast Fashion, Aymee thinks lasting fashion and is inspired by the unpredictable weather and her surroundings in the North East of Scotland. Creating using only organic material, it was important for her to take an ethical approach to  the collection, being able to trace where everything was from down to the smallest details. After all, in this world, fashion is no longer just about what you wear; chic today requires that buyers stay informed about the origins of their purchases. As we hit the shops, we now have to ask some important questions including “What was the price I had to pay for this item?” The fact that small designers are paying attention to creating ‘friendly fashion’ with quality in all senses of the word surrounding their designs has a lot to say about the way we all move forward when filling our wardrobes.


Everyone loves a bit of multi-function and this collection has just that, and then some. Aymee uses oversized silhouettes and textures that have been designed to change shape with just a pull of a drawstring.  With versatility at the forefront, everything can be worn on different parts of the body.  With a magpie like source of influences as varied as the natural raw coastlines her muted palette has a fresh and naturalistic feel. I just want to jump into the images to give every texture an individual stroke, I’m a tactile beast and these pieces can be worked seamlessly into your wardrobe, even in July! 


There really is no question, this is the only A/W collection anyone in any city in any country would ever need. I know what your thinking, wool in July? But seriously, there’s no better time to invest in your winter wardrobe and with all these neutral tones and silhouettes, you better get this gurl before it’s gone. Check out her brand new website, launching this Thursday 9th of July at 7pm. I’ll take half the collection now pls. What do you think of Aymee Charlton’s new collection?

 forever yours betty

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