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After the whole of Sunnydale is swallowed up by Hellmouth, Spike’s untimely sacrifice and Buffy’s new slayer army it is hard to believe it all ended with a smile. Almost like a childhood romance most people I know had a soft spot for Buffy,  to celebrate 10 years since its demise Buffy has passed the torch to her sexy Scottish counterpart; folks this A/W is all about Bonnie the Vampire Slayer.




Bonnie Bling has answered the cries of 90’s teenagers and awkward ‘goffs everywhere with this collection. Affordable (ranging from £15 – £50) bright, quirky statement pieces and each representing one of our beloved characters. I must say I was more of a Spike than an Angel fan but I just couldn’t resist the stunning gold and red accented Angel necklace.  There is everything you may want within a vampire collection; stakes, wolves, crucifixes and blood drops but a Bonnie Bling collection aint the same without its catchphrase necklace and knuckledusters!


photo (12)photo (11)

Wearing: Camo Dress – Miss Guided, HollyHood – Chouchou, Necklace – Bonnie Bling, Boots – H&M, Bag – Zara

If that isn’t enough to sink yer teeth into, Bonnie has also released a limited collection for the release of new Scottish made film ‘Not Another Happy Ending’ starring the lovely Karen Gillan and her original ‘Ginger’ badge. Betty had to get one  for herself also, and found the perfect home for it on my favourite PVC Green raincoat. It was just meant to be!


Wearing: Raincoat – Old H&M, Shirt – Primark, Necklace – Primark, Top – Topshop, Shoes – New Look (sale), Bag – The Leather Satchel Co.

 So the moral of this story is that Bonnie Bling are basically knocking it out of the park this season. There is so much to keep aw yer outfits quirky from now right the way through to S/S14 and I just can’t wait to see what’s comes next! I’m sensing a few stocking fillers in the making! What is your favourite piece?


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