Traditional, practical, lovable. The satchel  has been a handbag staple for decades never mind seasons and A/W14 is no exception. With many satchel makers out there, it is hard to know which is the best to go for, my advice? Go for the oldest.

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The Leather Satchel Co have been in the leather good making business since 1966. Each satchel is hand crafted (yes by hand) and assembled in the UK using the finest saddle and expertise.  The design has a strong focus on practicality and The Leather Satchel Co pride themselves in making bags exactly they way you want them. With unusual requests like clogs for Freddy Mercury or matching satchels and guitar straps for AC/DC, they can do whatever you need to make your bag perfect for you; magnetic strips, a handle, or my favourite –  personalised embossing. Apart from the 5 year quality guarantee, do you know what makes this must have bag even more appealing?  For one week and one week only, The Leather Satchel Co. are stocked up in itison Shop and they are doing one hellava promotion.


Launching today,  The Leather Satchel Co. are offering the 12.5″ and 14″ Satchels in a stunning array of colours from the traditional to the trendy with over 50% off exclusively to itison Shop. You can still make yours personal to you by paying a wee bitty extra (£5 per letter) for the embossing which I  think is a wonderful finishing touch! There are too many colours to choose from (see full range here) but here are Betty’s favourites for this season…


A huge trend for A/W, this vibrant yellow would brighten any day!

PIL-RED-14-SIDEThis dark red reminds me of the traditional bags where it all started, cannae beat a bit of nostalgia!

RAC-GRE-14-SIDEYou can’t  get more A/W than this rich forest green. Perfect with some Gold embossing to top it off!

BEL-PUR-12.5-SIDE - CopyKeep it playful with lilac, it will offset any fur coat with a girly edge.

BAB-BLU-12.5-SIDE - CopySay hello lover… I think we have a winner!

It was a tough time choosing but I ended up going for the delicious baby blue colour. I am always a sucker for a pastel, but this winter I am loving all the sugary sweet treats which are floating around the shops at the moment. The colour is exactly as it appears on screen (but funnily enough not in my photograph) so order knowing that ye get what ye see. Never one to coordinate, I decided to go for the Gold ‘Betty’ embossing to clash with the silver buckles. No one keeps it tonal here! Safe to say I’m in love…

photo (9)

photo 1 (9)

Happy Chappy in the Office – I’m gonna have fun styling this bad boy Betty

photo (6)

With practicality, minimalism and cool combined in one, The Satchel is definitely a timeless style that’s worth investing in. Trust me when I say it will be around for a long time and not just the trend, the actual bag itself! If per chance you are reading this after the promotion, I would say a bag from The Leather Co isn’t just for Christmas, its for life and really worth the investment. The proofs in the puddin’ and I can’t wait to show off my Blue Betty bag in years to come!  What colour is your favourite?


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  1. So suits you! Just sent the link to my mum, been after one of these for so long! Thanks for the tip!

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