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Betty likes to keep on top of all goings on in Scotland but when one of our top brands announces a pop up in our beloved city I say – well its about bloody time! Those crazy evil eyed kittens at Abandon Ship Apparel are FINALLY invading home soil. From the 1st of November expect to hear quite the ruckus from Princes Square, as if I can tell you one thing, these boys don’t do anything quietly!

Launched in Scotland in 2011, Abandon Ship Apparel have achieved cult like success selling in Topman, ASOS and independent stores across the globe. In keeping in with Scottish traditions, the brand was born through a drunken blether between best pals  Richard  Davies  and  Duncan  Sweeny who created not just a brand, but a complete lifestyle for their devoted customers.  They’re bringing pretty much everything they have ever made to the pop up but Betty of course has her favourites…
For them burds who love a crop, this has got to be my favourite! As seen within hunnurs of models personal wardrobes, this is a classic “fling on with anything” type of guy
Fast becoming one of their ‘Classic’ prints (LOVE how moths and Kittens are classic!) but now are made from new fabric which I am told with confidence – stand the test of time!
Don’t ask me why this is in my favourite picks, I love cartoon style pork chops, is that reason enough?
I DEFINETELY will be adding this Bill Murray Seagull to my print collection…
Launching at 9am the 1st of November, ASA are pulling out all the stops for their first pop up on home turf; that means new products, heritage sofas, arcade games and of course A PARTY! From 5pm this Friday (the 1st) the ASA Team will be breaking shapes, giving away products, handing out discounts and more – all washed down with a wee bevvy of course, and YOU ARE INVITED!  All I can say is, Princes Square will not know what hit them! I’m not missing this for the world! Hope to see you all there!

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