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Betty as you know loves to be in that spotlight. That is why she was jumping through her emerald hula hoop as soon as you read she was an award winner…

Thats right! The wonderful Iona from i heart… wanted to show her followers her favourite blogs aboot and wow did she pick a few belters!! Read who made the cut HERE and to expand your horizons to some fabulous home grown bloggers.

While your there, have a browse through her website to see if you want to get involved on her crafty crusades! Yes, I said GET INVOLVED! An inspiration to everything handmade I heart… has a very special ethos of no matter who you are, what you do, if you like getting cross stitched, blowing your trumpet or doodling she is your platform to show you doing the things you love.

Always the busy wee bee Iona has many ways you can get involved. There is…

Meet and Make

Post a Patch

and Music to My Ears

If any of these wonderful things sound like something you would be interested in Iona would love to hear from you! You can get in touch by emailing her at hello@iheartdotdotdot.co.uk or why not say hi in person while browsing her eco friendly goods at Granny Would be Proud on the 10th of April.

Betty hearts you Iona.

Forever yours,


Betty xoxo

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I'm Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.

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