Buona sera bella’s! Betty is just back from a wonderful break in Florence. I haven’t got around to uploading my photies yet, but do not fret they will be up on your screens soon with all the goss on what this Swollock got up to.

One of my observations in Italia was there was just as much Royal Wedding tack there as there is in the UK. Personally, I am a lover of tack and think some of these are pretty fun, and others I simply find a waste of money and I would question your sanity if you purchase.

Here are the hand made lovelies from etsy:

(Kate and Wills dress up book, I had a barbie one, hours of enjoyment)

Cuppa tea love? Two and a coo? Or double dunked?

Royal Corgi Bunting

Cheesy manicure if the weathers good

Wedding glovlies if the weather ain’t so good!

Or….If your into your knit one perl two why not go the whole crazy and knit your own wedding scene

How cute are the Corgi’s?!

For the ultimate crazy Royal Wedding worshiper, take a look at this outrageous Β£2,000 Kate and Wills Fridge. That’s right, a fridge. Who on earth would waste their money on this pointless piece of shite I’ll never know!
I’m going to be working on the Royal Wedding, but to be honest all I would really want to see is Kate’s dress. Big decision, better be a good one! So, if that fridge has just given you a dodgy tummy already and for all you Royal Wedding lovers, I’ll leave you my final gift recommendation from me to you; custom ‘Throne Up’ sick bags! Enjoy!! 

Forever yours,

Betty xoxo

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