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If you live in Scotland, you’ll know that for most of the year our swimwear collection goes unnoticed, sitting all sad and crumpled at the back of your underwear drawer counting down the days ’till its next outing. Then as soon as the sun creeps out either on holiday or that week of summer, we scramble for something fresh to feel amazing in. This year, I have been obsessing particularly over one brands venture into swimwear, and regardless of silhouette I want to restyle each piece off the beach and into my everyday wardrobe. Swimmers and quirky girls take your mark, I’m talking about swimmers to be SEEN in. Of course, it’s Jade Clark. 


As someone who loves quirky, personality pieces, shopping for swimwear which suits my everyday style can be a challenge. Sure it’s easy to fall in to the classic fail safe ‘Marilyn’ shape you see everywhere but honestly, classic is usually what I compliment my quirky pieces with, and I kind of like it that way. You feel most confident when you feel yourself, so why compromise your unique day to day style to just on dry land? No more I say! Well, all thanks to Jade and her incredible selection of fun and flattering bathers that is!


From big to the itty bitty titty committee we all can rejoice as Jade creates cuts that fit and flatter pretty much all body shapes, and even made to measure too! With the abundance of high-waisted briefs, balconette tops, and bandeaux in this season’s crop of swimwear, Jade takes the silhouette to a new level with fun and fabulous prints in every colour of the rainbow, infact, yup, including rainbow.



Launching a brand new collaboration today with Boston based contemporary illustrator, Allison Bamcat, her candy coated characters were a match made in heaven with Clark’s flirty and fun design style. With a divine pick n’ mix of Scare Bears, Nursery Animals and mint green Pentagram Puppy’s, the combination of prints and shapes were a match made for the Madonna Inn (or just  fun in the sun!) I’m not usually the type to stop and stare at my own reflection – especially in a bathing suit – but lets just say that Jade allowed me to be  ‘feelin’ myself’ as well as squeal when I caught a glimpse of the skirted bikini in baes mirrored aviators… Seriously, it’s high waists and halters after my own heart.


 Influenced by British gang culture, street crime and thuggish lads, she juxtaposes her collections hardcore strength with sickly sweet pastels and neons. Handmade with love in South Yorkshire, Jade Clark clothing is one for turning heads and cherishing in your wardrobe. With suits this spectacular, I know for a fact that they’ll be brought back year after year. Are you loving Jade Clark as much as I am?

forever yours betty

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