Feminism has given us so much: the right to vote, governance over our bodies, (almost) equal pay. This progress permeates our everyday lives, right down to our morning beauty routines. No one has the right to make anyone feel less powerful like they cannot achieve their dreams because their heads are in the sky. No matter how short your skirt is or if you can see your nipples through that shirt, you are a goddess and deserve to be treated as such, and today I’m celebrating! I’ve rounded up just some of the woman (sans Mumma) who inspire me every day, some I’ve met while others I’ve just worshipped from afar. Thank you for being you and helping me even if you don’t know it. Come’on ladies, now let’s get in formation.


Claire ‘Bee Waits‘ Stuart McArthur

This girl needs no introduction, but my girl Bee was one of the first bloggers I met once I started and we were quick to become BFFs then business bitches. I don’t know any girl who can talk ‘real talk’ about some serious shit and still make you laugh mid-sentence. If I need an honest opinion, I turn to her, keepin’ it real never been so real, like seriously, there is no filter.  The Bee to my Betty, I don’t know where I’d be without her.

bee waits

Amanda ‘Honey Pop‘ Davies

My pink haired unicorn, Amanda is one of the most positive people I know. Always striving to see the brighter side of life and fiercely loyal, she has the ability to brighten a room and lift everyone up, even if it’s a time she’s down. One half of the Colour Pop Girls you can find us most likely talking in tangents once a week on our YouTube channel. honey pop

Kerin Rose Gold

My tangerine queen from across the pond, this girl gives me life from her very being. Whether it’s gracing the faces of pretty much everyone you know (or need to know) with her bad ass eyewear company, A-Morir, or honestly spilling her guts on the digital pages of Nylon, this girl just has it. A sista from another mistsa, I feel an overwhelming connection with her even though we’ve never even met or spoke to each other using anything other than emojis. There’s something about her that makes me want to write better, do better and by God get out to NYC so we can be gal pals. Does that sound crazy? Maybe just a little…

keren rose gold

Pip Jolley 

OK so I don’t want you thinking that I choose my friends over hair colour, but orange hair really did bring us together! Well, that and the powers of Instagram! The Ms Motivater for all, this is a girl who gets shit done. Probably the most organised woman I know she can spin more plates than a circus act with her jewellery line and her up and coming online community, BABE, for bad ass business entrepreneurs. Well if the shoe fits!

pip jolley

Silvia Pellegrino

Have you ever met someone who’s energy is so strong you can feel it through a WhatsApp? Well that’s my Silvia. The brains and beauty behind the luxury hood brand Chouchou, Silvia’s passion and drive is like nothing I have ever seen. A true force to be reckoned with, once this girl has her sights on something she makes sure she get it. If you could bottle an energy, I wish I could bathe in hers.

silvia pellegrino

Sara Hill

There are many incredible people that have come out of Glasgow, but Sara Hill – in my opinion –  trumps them all. The all round Scottish Girl Boss, Sara is legit making her own creative empire. From making all the jobs within her Academy of Make Up to the unbelievable editorials of her magazine Hope Street. Sara is unstoppable and making her mark within the industry on a global scale. Launching her own make up line last year, Sara’s passion runs as strong as her pigments showing that you really can live outside of London and make your stamp.

sara hill

Lynne McCrossan

I couldn’t be talking about woman who inspire me without Lynne McCrossan. She literally wrote the book on A Girls Guide to Vintage and is now onto her second novel all around the softest of Scottish textiles, Cashmere. She’s been a personal cheerleader, a therapist and a reality check when I need it most, all while being Brand Guardian for one of the last surviving wool mills in the world DC Dalglish. Not only does sista do it for herself, but she does it for so many others too.

lynne mccrossan

Daisy ‘Pie and Fash’ 

Yup, another blogger I know but this one is different. Talking about everything from fashion to feminine hygiene, this girl should write the book on over-sharing – no but seriously she should, it would be HILAR! A word smith with an enviable wardrobe, this texturized goddess got me girl crushing. If you haven’t signed up to her newsletter, do yourself and favour and do it now.

pie and fash

Tammy Kozlowski

Putting the sass into the sassy gal emoji, this girl has taken a side project all the way through to owning her own full-service salon. From DIY Nails to NAF Salon, Tammy sure knows how to create a powerful business out of three little letters! Nails and face? More like “Nailed it gurl!”.


Sara Sboul

With her quirky kistch style and unique designs, I wish I could live even a day in the head of Sara Sboul. In a past life I think she was a Harajuku girl, or some sort of cartoon which obviously makes us soul mates. So much so we came together for a collaberation, Forever Yours, Sara which combined our loves for each other into four super cute designs. I never even thought something like this was possible for me to do until I met her. Keep an eye on this one, Vogue Japan is calling…

sara sboul betty

The fact that I found it so difficult to round up ten ladies that inspire me warms my soul, there really is that many and it’s incredible. We all hold the power to our own destiny, but looking at the  amazing woman all around the world who are making it happen and getting shit done only makes me want to achieve it myself. Always remember, her success isn’t your failure, learn from everything and always build yourself to be a stronger person because of the past, not in spite of it. We all are capable of achieving our dreams. If we support each other, work together and finally end the madness of girl hate. I hope you enjoyed my business woman special as much as I did, if you need more in your life (which we all do) head to Betty & Bee for some of Scotland’s leading #GirlBosses. Who are you celebrating this International Womans Day?

forever yours betty





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