Some people find inspiration in art, icons, and history. Others find it through cartoons that we still prowl the internet to stream on a regular basis. No judgement here, I likely fall into both categories and so does my new collaboration partner, British Accessories Designer Sara Sboul. Sure, we may be, like, ‘grown ups’ or whatever, but we (thankfully) haven’t grown out of the thrill of clashing colour and fun time (faux) furs.  In our minds, cartoons and accessories with personality have no age limit, so we’ve put our minds together to create her most orange and cutest collection yet, introducing Forever Yours, Betty and Sara.

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You don’t have to see the breath in front of your face to bring fur into your extended wardrobe. For me, quirky accessories are an all year round investment and since meeting Sara Sboul last year (through the internet, duh) we quickly realised we are smooshy faced accessory kindred spirits. I quickly obsessed over Sara’s extensive skills, from general construction to crochet and embroidery, there was really no end to her talents. We always said we would work together so I was delighted when she asked me to come aboard for a mini collection launching this week on


Inspired by my biggest influences; cartoons, orange and Irn Bru, Betty and Sara is a super cute mini collection of three handbags and a pom pom. I know what some of you are thinking – you’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour. I know it may be a common fashion-girl convention, but a goth wardrobe is no way to stand out when the greyer end of the year kicks into gear.  Know what that all black outfit needs?  Some orange fun to cheer up your wardrobe, and you really needn’t look any farther than these little guys.


First up, we have ‘The Little Bitch’ bag. Isn’t she adorable? She’s inspired by the little Toad from the Super Mario Bros, but ye know, orange. From her little blush cheeks to her open mouth pose, she’s the perfect companion for any night out. Don’t be fooled by her size, this little bitch can deceivingly hold your phone, keys, purse, compact and lipstick and dangle off your wrist like the fur-trimmed princess she is. Pick her hand made self  up for just £60.


Next we have this little derpy face. The Betty Clutch is everything that you would expect from a collaboration from myself and Sara. A shape you may recognise from her past collection with Esther Loves, Betty is her orange haired loud sister with added wrist strap for comfort. I’m terrible for being so careless with clutches so the strap was an essential to make sure she’s safely by your sleeve next to your heart. Pick her up for just £70.


You have heard (or read as the case may be) the phrase ‘I am Bru’ referring to my love affair with the cheeky Scottish soda, so it wouldn’t be our collection without grabbing some inspo from my favourite can. The ‘IamBru Bag’ is the largest of the collection and perhaps my favourite. From the cobalt blue quilted body to the tangerine dream that is the fur trim, this baby is the Mary Poppins bucket bag du jour. Yours for just £105 and comes with it’s very own matching (and removable pom pom!).


Taking the pom pom obsession to new heights this full little orange complete with adorable leather puppy features is the access point to the collaboration. Perfect addition to add to a bag or even to make your keys that bit easier to find on those cold dark nights, this little fella can be yours for £50.  I cannot wait to style up this collection and show you how easy it is to wear personality pieces to brighten up the plainest of wardrobes. What do you think about the Betty and Sara collection? Pre order your favourite now before it goes online December 1st. 

forever yours betty

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