I’ve been a certified specky four eyes since the tender age of 2, sporting Specsavers finest, walking with my head tune to the pavement. As I got older wearing glasses didn’t feel cool or sexy with those horrid rectangular or metal frames that you see EVERYONE wearing (why?!) until I came to this realisation…
boys dont make passes

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It took until I was about 19 to realise that glasses are actually a huge part of my personality and not only that, there were MILLIONS of frames out there just waiting to grace my face! It then became my mission to have as many styles as I could possible afford, that is why when Pretavoir got in touch for me to pick a frame, how could I say no?! The question was though, with so many style available where does a girl start?! For me the choice was staring me right in the face (badaboom) of course it was the cat eyes!
After HOURS of deliberating, it was weird to find that I had completely fallen for the same frame in two different colour choices. Meet the Miu Miu MU07’s (pretty eh?) I couldn’t possibly choose so I put social media to the test and asked my twitter and instagram followers to help a sista out. Once the polls came in it was apparent there was a complete divide between the two and it was just down to the matter of taste. This is where I had my first ‘fukit’ moment of 2014 and went with the two of them!

The ‘Practical’ choice – Glasses by Miu Miu available at Pretavoir worn with my Karen Mabon scarf 


The Playful Choice – Glasses again Miu Miu from Pretavoir worn with my Naromode Koi Fish Tee

I must say, I have been getting more wear from the black ones but I absolutely ADORE the leafy effect on the other pair. They are almost like a mini work of art with the leafs almost built right into them! The dramatic cat eye is of course my staple style but this see through bottom edging on the frame is just to die for! But would you expect anything less from Miu Miu?  Pretavoir are a dream to use and super easy to order online, even if your prescription is tricky (astigmatism a’plenty!) You can use their simple online shopping form or wait till UK working hours and put your order through on the phone, which I love as sometimes a girl just needs that reasurrance when it comes to her peepers! I am already eying up another pair to help my addiction (hello Ray Ban Clubmasters, how are you doin’?) What pair would you choose from Pretavoir?


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I’m Betty, a tangerine haired, glasses wearing Scottish Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a nose for a good sandwich and an eye for style. One half of vlogging duo Colour Pop Girls and Freelance Events & PR consultant based in Glasgow.


  1. Those glasses are soooooooo pretty! I have purchased a number of frames from bleudame.com, lots of cat’s-eyes, some that are solid-colored and some that are clear at the bottom like your hot frames. Of course, I go to a regular optical store to get my prescription lenses put in them.

    I bought this in blue and in red: http://www.bleudame.com/store/p/11868-Kourtney-Kardashian-Clear-Cat-Eye-Glasses-Ruby-Clear.aspx

    This frame I have in both purple and black: http://www.bleudame.com/store/p/10726-Betty-Jo-Gradient-Rhinestone-Cat-Eye-Clear-Glasses-Purple.aspx

    This black one: http://www.bleudame.com/store/p/9585-Kourtney-Kardashian-Clear-Cat-Eye-Glasses-Black.aspx

    And finally, this black one: http://www.bleudame.com/store/p/9422-Rita-Rounded-Cat-Eye-Clear-Glasses-Black.aspx

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