I’ve said it once, and I’ll definitely say it again: Scotland’s having a moment and it’s beginning to loose its modesty.  Artisans are coming out of the woodwork and joining together in communities showcasing that we, a tiny country popped ontop of the UK are pretty much responsible for the most beautiful textiles to be found in couture fashion today. But, with a country so spread across hills, lochs, rivers and cities, it’s hard to get a feel for what’s going on as a whole. Which is exactly why I was delighted to be invited to DC Dalgliesh, the last hand weaving textile mill left in the whole, wide world, sitting just past my doorstep in Selkirk, Scotland.


Invited by Brand Guardian, Lynne McCrossan, myself and a team of designers, location scouter’s and film-makers were taken to meet directors Nick Fiddes and Adele Telford for a tour around the Mill. Open since 1946, DC Dalgliesh is the world’s last artisan weaving mill specialising in  traditionally made tartans, which have been worn by the likes of Princess Kate, Vivienne Westwood and the Dali Lama. Making tartan that is highly regarded as the best in the world, it’s safe to say that DC Dalgliesh are anything but a dying trade, infact they’re ready now more than ever to show off their couture from the countryside, be still my beating heart. 



Not only does DC Dalgliesh nourish the highly skilled process creating tartan, they produce any unique tartan in minimums of just 4 yards, so if your looking for something both aesthetically and physically one of a kind and hand made, look no farther than this mill right here. DC pride themselves on not just tartan, they create textiles including wools and pure spun silks using the finest hand production methods. If the making of isn’t your bag (God knows why!) get inspired by their obscene Tartan and Textile library, showcasing swatches of pretty much every tartan ever made. The neatly packed drawers showcase swatches from special occasions to textiles created for films such as  Disney Pixar’s Brave. Their collection really is something to behold and the perfect representation of just how imaginative and colourful Scottish heritage textiles can be.


Rab Florence in his Shepherds Plaid

DC Dalgliesh is located passed Edinburgh in a place called Selkirk near the Borders. Driving through the stunning Scottish forests and countrysides never gets tiring, and when your a city girl like me it’s a welcome change in scenery, there may be a country girl stuck in me yet!

IMG_6656.JPGIMG_6658.JPGIMG_6655.JPGWearing: Topshop Polo, Vintage Skirt, Boden Boots, Burberry Trench (Vintage)

Seeing the mill in action really is something I will treasure in my memory. Watching these incredible woman weave something beautiful from nothing really makes you love the fabric more, giving it so much more life than printed textiles ever could. I know it may sound ridiculous or obvious to some but I find it  hard to believe these sheets of fabric are entirely made of hand positioned thread. Using only the highest quality yarns, densely woven fabrics, hand-finishing, and traditional selvedges, DC Dalgliesh’s tartans really are the best in the world for a reason, and exciting collaberations are a comin’. If you would like to be apart of it, or have your tartan made get in touch with DC Dalgliesh and I’m sure they will be able to sort you out with a piece of Scottish and Textile history. It certainly has made me very excited to see what they up their artisan sleeves in the future. 

forever yours betty




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