So I’m less than 24 hours back from the big apple and man, oh man, what a journey it was. Everything about the city screams opportunity and life, from the people the landscape, it’s a constant – pinch me, is this real? – kind of thing. My fist day was all about finding my bearings around the city. The tubes at first seemed almost impossible to figure out, but after a day I felt like a glorified New Yorker. I tried to fit something cultural every day so it wasn’t all about dat hustle at every hour, so myself and a friend, went for a walk along New Yorks hi-rise park, The High Line.

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I had heard about the High Line from a few people before actually finding out what it was. Basically, it’s an old raised train track which the lovely people of NYC turned into an industrial nature walk along the city. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but really it’s probably the most peaceful park you would find at a height in the middle of city life, without completely leaving the fun hustle and bustle behind.


It was amazing to see the original train tracks still present, and the inspiration of the tracks used along the path, seats and sun loungers as you walked along. More so, you’ll  find modern sculptures and street art along the way, making pretty much every few steps a good place to stop and take it all in.   What’s so incredible is that this used to be a giant waste of space, and it has now been reused into the perfect place to take in the incredible surroundings NYC has to offer. Well done NYC, I wish other places in the world used their own trash to turn into treasure.


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Their public toilets are manned and clean too! Wearing: 
Helen Ruth Scarf, Nicole Fhari Coat, Naromode Scarf, Pretty Vexed Harness,
Topshop Leather Trousers, Debenhams Boots

Somewhat half way along the road, it started to spit with rain and being pretty much right next to the Hudson River meant that hair down was simply not an option. Luckily I had my Helen Ruth Fairground scarf to hand to channel my inner Thelma for the rest of the walk, don’t know about you but I think headscarves are not just for your granny! Especially if it’s one as beautiful as this! I knew I would be walking around all day so wanted to wear something comfy but ye know, stylish, it is New York after all! I teamed my new Topshop leathers which I picked up the sale the other week, and doubled it up with my Pretty Vexed harness which was a real talking point when we went indoors. Who knew harnesses were so accessible? Turns out, they look good with everything. There was a wee chill in the air, so ended up going a bit scarf daft, which is ok when they are this amazing!  If you like the look of my Helen Ruth number, you can actually get your own for a snip of the price this weekend!  Helen is running her own sample sale in her hometown of Aberdeen next Saturday. So if you’re around you can check out her full collection of scarves at Orchard Aberdeen between 1 and 4pm. Tell her Betty sentcha!

helen ruth

As first afternoons go, this one was such a belter. I’m sure as soon as I return I’ll make a B line to the High Line, it definitely feels like a place that you’ll find something different every time. Have you ever walked the High Line?

forever yours betty

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