There’s nothing I love more than a good bargain, especially if the bargain is also a great cruelty-free beauty product! I’ve openly admitted before that I’m not the best with makeup. A self-confessed ‘shit girl’ when it comes to application, I pretty much have three alterations of one look down. This basically consists of eyeliner, no eyeliner and with or without eyeshadow. The bold lip is never optional! But with this in mind, the last thing I want to do is spend a fortune on products I am not 100% sure how to use. Enter Kiko Cosmetics.


The high-end performance make up with high street prices, Kiko Cosmetics are an Italian brand that I first found during a trip to LFW a few years back. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw their bustling London store absolutely rammed full of people grabbing items as if it was a designer collab. (It wasn’t, it’s just that good!) It’s for this reason that I almost leaped out of my seat when I found out Kiko were finally opening some doors in Glasgow, so it didn’t take long for me and Honey Pop to haul ass to  The Fort Shopping Centre to stock up on some essentials.

Kiko cosmetics face

I’d already been championing the Kiko face powder, highlighter, and lipsticks for a while so I was excited to have a full walk through with one of their artists. If there was one item in my makeup bag that I couldn’t live without, it would be my lipstick. My face just needs it, so the fact they give brands like Mac and Lime Crime a run for their money, well that makes for a happy face. Especially when they all retail under £10. I ended up going for 3 shades of orange and a red, you know for something different (?!)

Kiko lipsticksimage

I could hardly get over the sheer amount of products they have. The actually have everything that your make up mind could imagine, in at least 6 different colours. I love that their lipsticks have a really strong pigment but don’t make your lips look like a snake after a few hours. I’m pretty much-gonna stock up on all the Unlimited Stylo colours, Velvetine eat your heart out! For those who like something a little more subtle (what’s that?) their glosses and tints are a dream. I also dipped my toe in the world of lip liners. I know what you are thinking – WTF?! – but because I use such matte lipsticks, I usually don’t really need lipliners…till I turned 29. Now I need them, so I picked up the orange and an invisible one for good measure.


On my very first visit to the London store, I managed to find one of their highly sought after highlighter sticks. The hype was so worth it as it became a firm handbag favourite of mine, so much so the branding has disappeared along with its contents. Luckily, I managed to get my hands on their new one which comes in both a gold and a pinky colour so of course we took one of each! You can even watch blether away about what we got in the new Colour Pop Girls vlog below. Excuse my extra husk, I’d been hit by the (wo)man flu.

I’ve been transitioning my make up to 100% cruelty-free for a while now. Not to waste the products I have, it’s important to use everything up before throwing it away. During this process, there have been some products I love that I haven’t been able to find a dupe for, until now. Turns out, if you need a dupe for ANY cult classic the very first place you should look is Kiko. Chanel Finishing Powder? Kiko gotcha. Looking for Touche Eclat? Kiko do it for a third of the price.  Nars Orgasm? Look no further than number 218 wet and dry eyeshadow. Lightly brush for blusher, use straight onto the eye or even wet for an eyeliner. You can’t get more value than a 3 way product for £4.40.

imageimageKiko eyeliner

Affordable, great quality, cruelty-free and with a massive diverse range of products? Kiko, you got me sold. Will you be trying yourself some Kiko Cosmetics? 

forever yours betty

*Thanks to Fragrance Direct for the cute makeup bag!

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  1. Thanks for the post! I hadn’t heard of Kiko before, and was not confident they’d be available in the States – but turns out there’s one nearby! Definitely gonna check it out :D

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