Be honest: How many times do you eat out every week, and how much does it cost you? It’s a scary figure, right? With Glasgow becoming oversaturated with expensive chains such as Pret a Manger, Starbucks and Nandos at every corner, it means that the indie vendors can end up becoming a city’s best kept secret. This should never be the case, especially when these local heroes aren’t just saving us penny’s, but they are saving our belly’s too with their fresher takes on city centre dining. Today I am talking about my new favourite lunchtime pit stop, Brew Box Coffee Company also known as the Dr Who style Tardis on Wilson Street.


Being 1 of the 5 original Gilbert MacKenzie Box’s in Glasgow, Brew Box Coffee Company opened just a week ago off the bustling shoppers delight of Argyll Street. Owned by #GirlBoss Laura Cameron, this is a one woman show. Well, apart from renovating the Grade 2 listed Police Box only with the help of her Dad, using not a single nail. It really is incredible how they did it, utilising every centimetre of space to supply locals with a 4-5 option menu from 8.45am – 4pm seven days a week. And HOT DAMN is it tasty!


In a world where 1/3 people are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or other, it can prove pretty difficult to find an appropriate lunch spot to suit all taste buds. You know the saying about food feeding the soul? Well, myself and Laura have been BFFs for a long time and her food certainly soothes mine. Made by her very own hands and conjured up by her natural chef abilities (seriously, it’s witchcraft) this mother of one has an early start freshly prepping the select menu each morning. Usually, there are two sandwiches, a soup and / or street food with some tasty baking to go with your fresh tea or coffee, everything with a high nutritional value. All the meat used is free range and hand cooked with absolutely nothing  processed, down to the marinades.  You will always guarantee that everyday there will be something for everyone made from organic, locally sourced goodness made with love only a few miles from the box.


Not only does Brew Box want to consider your health with their always adapting menu choices, they also are  conscious about the environment, striving to be a zero waste business. Absolutely everything is hand packaged in biodegradable packaging, down to the fresh coffee pods which Laura then takes to her local Southside allotment for composting. She only makes enough for each day, changing the menu and exploring more options as she goes on. Last week, I managed to try out a few of her tasty delights, including Italian Lemon, Basil chicken and Southern American pimento cheese ‘Piece Parcels’, a vegan Sri Lankan peanut soup and a ridiculously tasty gluten free brownie. The prices are also way cheaper than your local Tesco or M&S, with the filling piece parcels £3,  Streetfood £3, fresh hot drinks £2 Cake £1.50 and great meal deals including: meal and drink for £4.50,  soup/streetfood and a piece parcel for £5 or cake and a coffee for just £3. Wallet friendly locally sourced lunchin’ at its best!


I really do love the idea of having a more varied diet. I am terrible for not making my lunch before work so can spend a fortune on things that aren’t good for me. I also get into a bit of a habit, eating the same old thing from the same old places, who have no real consideration into my health or the local community environment. Shopping local for lunch is so important to keep variety in the city, and I love that Laura has put an element of surprise into lunchtime and improving our diets to boot! The Sri Lankan soup was incredible, so filling which she garnishes to your liking. I love my peanut-y spice with a handful (yup, really) of coriander, and Laura didn’t disappoint! I was almost upset to have client meetings at lunchtime to not experience some of the other culinary tastiness Laura made last week, from Ham ‘n Jam (that’s smoked ham and homemade sweet chilli jam to you and me), Ploughman’s lunch and classic free range egg mayo with chive piece parcels to vegan coconut and lime vegetable curry with butternut squash, potato, cauliflower, green beans, and cashew nuts. Yup, there goes my salivating mouth again, and over Vegan food?! Who’da thunk it!


There are countless things that are great about Brew Box, but the best thing really is that this is not a pop up. Laura is here to stay and she had this to say after her first successful week of business:

 My hash tag is #weeplacebigtaste. I want to emphasise that I may be a wee place but I am not here for a wee while. I mean business when it comes to good local, handmade food and great tasting coffee and I’m going to do my damnedest to make sure Glasgow gets the best of me and the service they deserve.


Watching Laura take her passion for fresh healthy food is something that has been a pleasure to watch. From all the trials and tribulations of working with a registered building and the drama that comes with launching a new business, she has taken it all in her sassy stride and realised her dream. Not only am I delighted I get to eat her home made tastiness almost every day, but I am proud of her and the fact I can call her my friend. Be sure to keep your eye on the Brew Box Company Facebook page for daily menu updates and general banter from this absolute gem of a patter merchant. She’s a rare one so she is, just like the Tardis she rolled up in. So tell me, when will you be heading to Brew Box?

 forever yours betty

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