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After my adventure week was kick started by the beach, the next day brought another jaunt out of the city to the homeland of half of Betty’s pals – East Kilbriliant where me and Iona were taking the plunge and getting simultaneously scarred for life…

Thirteen Tattoos is situated in East Kilbrides Village and owned by the ever so talented Anthony Firstbrook. We have been good friends a long time and his work never fails to astound me. One thing I love about his shop is that there are no tattoos on the wall for you to pick from. He wants each tattoo to be custom, fit to you personally – which you cannae get just off a wall! Even if what you desperately want is a tribal tattoo at the bottom of your back, you’ll be sure as damnit it will be the finest tramp stamp known to man!! 20120329-131427.jpg Iona decided to have her life motto – and blog name – “She turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans” etched into her forearm as a reminder to always keep on trucking with her ambitions in life. I love the saying and it suits her down to the ground. I love the way the letters play apart of the framework. Classy, personal and done to perfection. 20120329-131435.jpg I decided to go for something a little smaller, but just as personal. Myself and Iona started our blogs around the same time, so I decided to put her motto to good use and get a wee hanger on

my ribs. Hopefully this will give me good luck into furthering Betty’s dreams into plans. 20120329-131452.jpg We are both so happy with the results of our session at Thirteen Tattoos, if you want to see more from them, be sure to have a look on Tony’s blog or on their Facebook page for all the details you need. On to the next one eh?! 20120329-131501.jpg

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